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Quote: Originally Posted by vty8686 Man... we need Daffys here in CA.. +1
This isn't my listing, but if anybody is in the market for a few blazers (estimated by seller at around 40r when I emailed him) this isn't a bad deal. It seems to be listed improperly or with a vague description, which may be why there are no bids. If only these were my size :/ http://cgi.ebay.com/lot-5-mens-wool-...item1c159d30bd
I own 9 suits. I wear a suit 3-4 times a month, except during the warmer summer months when it drops to 1-2 times a month. Apparently I need to invest in some lighter weight or partially / unlined suits.
Ditto on the reccomendations for brown suede. Anything from loafers to chukkas to oxfords depending on how casual you want to go.
Why wear a tank top if you're not operating a tracked armored combat vehicle?
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