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Quote: Originally Posted by david123 Nice video. It made me wish I were in NY so I could go to CEGO. I was thinking the same thing. The video was very well done. It was informative and interesting to watch. If only there were decent options for shirting/etc where I am. It seems that most people in my part of Southern California (San Diego - North County) rarely venture outside of jeans/shorts and tshirts/polos. I wear a tie and all of a...
Quote: Originally Posted by JubeiSpiegel I think I began my sartorial journey because of my love of Burn Notice, Michael Weston always looked slick to me. Now I can't stand that he never has properly fit sleeves, tapering, no tie or pocket square, etc. Haha, that's how it goes i guess. There are so many people that I used to think dressed well. After submerging myself in the world of SF, I realize how little I knew before. Most of my...
Awesome news. Thanks for all the hard work!
Quote: Originally Posted by Thanks SF (a new me) ...and can be a very expensive one too I can vouch for that. After discovering SF my style has improved drastically, but my bank account has suffered the consequences. So worth it, though. Welcome to SF, and congratulations on the first steps towards improving your wardrobe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay Gatsby They look like Alden, and they also look suspiciously like cordovan. If you're correct I'm going to be quite happy next week when they arrive
#1 - Make sure your clothes fit you. #2 - See #1
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR how did anyone recognize these on ebay? i mean thed listing is titled 'mens dress shoes' They were listed by the same seller who had the original ones I asked about. Apparently he ended up w/ a couple pairs of Aldens and didn't know what he had. If anybody wants the size 11 pair you can have them for what I paid + shipping cost (around $40ish total).
PSA: There seems to be another pair in size 11
So what you're saying is I should just spend the $33 and buy it now
Burgundy socks generally work very well for me. Bright red socks don't really do it for me most of the time, though. If you're hoping for a more vivid red maybe cufflinks or an accent color in a pocket square.
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