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I'm getting married on March 8th and don't have anything appropriate in the way of footwear. I'll be wearing a midnight blue shawl collar tuxedo. I'm hoping to find something appropriate for under $250. At this point I'm leaning towards Park Avenue seconds for about $220. Anybody have anything fantastic that they're trying to unload that fits this price range and that could be shipped to Oceanside, CA within the next couple weeks?
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl NP... appreciate the help. Found them for 20$ less! Going to try them on this wknd I have that exact shoe in red. As long as you're not expecting amazing construction/materials I'd say they've definitely been worth what I paid for them (I think I had a coupon code and got them for around $50 shipped). They're a nice change of pace when you...
I wear dress shirts 6-7 days a week. Occasionally on weekends I'll wear a polo and jeans/chinos or maybe even just a tee if I'm only planning on lounging around the house. More often than not if I'm leaving the house it will be in a dress shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Maybe they can refund me for my Weybridges that hurt my feet every time I wear them for more than 2 hours. Seeing as how you're size 9, I'd be more than happy to take them off your hands
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow It's never wrong time of the year for red pants. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay Gatsby Top pic looks like cordovan, the bottom 'edited' in pic does not. Did you ever receive the pair you bought? After about a week and a half passed without receiving anything I contacted the seller and they informed me that the shoes had been sold already prior to my purchase and were re-listed by mistake. So much for cheap Aldens
Quote: Originally Posted by JamesX I wouldn't spent $33 (including shipping) on those shoes. +1 I've gotten barely used Allen Edmonds for not much more than that on Ebay.
Yes and yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH The fact that he was in Orange County disqualifies him immediately. I've found that as you go North things get a bit better. There are plenty of decently dressed people in the OC and LA. I was up in Santa Monica last weekend for a bachelor party and I couldn't help but notice how much more SF-approved the outfits were (at the bars, at least). SD County is generally a bit more laid-back from what I've seen.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Pelican Pants Gingham? Who am I, Mary Anne from Gilligan's Island? The Kappa Delta rush chair? Should I put my hair in pigtails as well? Gingham, hah. Excuse me while I die laughing. .....
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