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And please you did! Thanks so much for allowing the last minute adjustment to my order Julian! Can't wait for my 9F AS Moore in Cherry to reach this side of the globe.Kind regards from down under!!
I would be very interested in a reissue of the Ruby Shell Captoe boots like the Bradbury but in the Forest Last as I need an EEE fit. I even have to size up half a size on some last due to my wide feet + flat which requires orthotics. But a 9EEE forest is near perfect for me! I sadly only spotted this thread sometime Late January 2013... So I am definitely still rueing the fact that I missed out on the group order....Also, I Got my Llama boots last week! They look...
I second the idea for the RUBY SHELL RAIN LAST PTB as well. Look forward to ordering a pair if offered in 9UK Wide fitting.
Edit: whoops looks like the link explained it....
Hi Chris, I'm just wondering if you have any plans to stock the newish Wood and Faulk Tan on Tan Northwesterners? Cheers,
I've also ordered a couple of umbrellas on the 29th of May and received an order confirmation. But no notification that it's been shipped out yet.Tried e-mailing a few times but no replies yet.
The one from whitestuff looks good. Noted this on urban outfitters while looking at the Filson x Nanamica special zippered totes they carry- http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=24701872otherwise there's always the everpresent country road/ herschel duffle/holdalls....
I was thinking the same when I noticed his pocket square and jacket.
How about an Oni or Tengu Mask....... Only issue is sourcing one......
Seemed like it Spoo.... Got the e-mail notification yesterday and received today.. I did pick the express courier option though... an extra GBP8.00 which in my view was worth it due to the long transit times using normal mail and the longer it's in transit the higher the chance of a shipment going missing. The risks are probably remote, but nevertheless, it allows me to sleep a lil better
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