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Could anyone point me in the direction of a cheaper alternative to this APC parka?,2310.html?nav=men Ideally something long-ish (~mid thigh) and without a lot of fur on the hood.
Does anyone know if Doucals sneakers run large?
Hi guys, I'm 6'0, 165lb, 37" chest, 33" waist I'm on the fence between small and medium shirts. Could anyone push me in one direction or the other?
Where can I buy some basic tees? I've looked at GAP and like their colours but can't find any solid advice on the fit. Do they run large? Are they made with thin material? Alternatives?
Try searching through these threads for someone with a similar fit to yours:
I like the front pocket
Y/N? The elbow patch has me leaning towards no.
What model is this and how did you size them (your actual waist size and jean size)?
So was the new sizing a myth?
Anyone received a pair with the new sizing?
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