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Just what I wanted to hear, thanks.Now to find someone in NYC thats proxying stuff
How did you like the parka?
Anyone have the Three Way Shorts? Was hoping to pick up the longs but theyre still out of stock - they have a pair of the regular Three Ways in my size. Just wondering if they're really short?
Do these run large like chucks?
Can someone tell me how accurate the online sizing charts are? I'm 6' with a 37" chest, which for some items would put me in a small. I've always heard Uniqlo runs slim as it is and I take a medium in most clothing. Should I stick with mediums or go by the charts?
US or JP sizing?
Anyone heard if this is coming stateside or to the uk?
It's on the Korean website
Does anyone know if their shoes (supermarines) run small, big or true to size? If anyone has a pair, could they compare the sizing with a popular shoe or brannock measurement please.
Anyone proxying?
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