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Great communication, fast replies, fast shipping. Thanks for your help Richard!
Sorry for crapping up your sale thread (consider it a free bump), but what colour & make are those shoes?
My pairs (1 skinny, 1 tapered) have both stretched at least an inch in the waist. Not much stretching elsewhere
Props if someone can tell whether or not I need to size down on this
One last try before I put in an order: Has anyone tried on the Premium Down Coat? Is it quite thick? Size down or TTS?
Has anyone picked up the premium down coat yet? Just wondering about sizing
Just what I wanted to hear, thanks.Now to find someone in NYC thats proxying stuff
How did you like the parka?
Anyone have the Three Way Shorts? Was hoping to pick up the longs but theyre still out of stock - they have a pair of the regular Three Ways in my size. Just wondering if they're really short?
New Posts  All Forums: