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Long shot, but if anyone has been holding onto one of these and they'd like to sell please send me a PM.
Has anyone had any success finding a proxy for everlane?
I went with a medium in the hoodie, small in the button down flannel
Guess its time to cop Anyone know a US proxy thats currently up and running?
Anyone tried the Skinny Fit Colour Jeans ( Just wondering how they compare to the T-000?
Thats exactly what I'm looking for but I think it would be a fraction small.Thanks for the help though
I'm trying to find a simple field jacket, specifically without epaulets. Something similar to this: Does anyone know of one that is currently for sale?
I'm 6', 75kg, ~37-38" chest and wear smalls in most uniqlo shirts.
Anyone overseas had any luck copping recent drops?I'd like to pick up a pair of these but can tell its going to be a clusterfuck
Do the flyknit trainers fit the same as freeruns? I'm getting conflicting information about sizing up/down.
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