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Hmmm... seems that the general consensus is ditch them I sent an email to Brenda at Alden to see if they were able to do anything. She got back to me with this: "The factory will refinish the shoes for you, but only to same color". It seems then that they are able to refinish 2nd's, but I do wonder what the final color would be (I wouldn't be interested in anything close to #8). What is the process / cost of an Alden refinishing - is it the same as a restoration?
Definitely appreciate it. If I find one I'll let you know too.
Well, David didn't have much to write home about... [[SPOILER]]
Where did you find the Mallory? I'm trying to locate one in navy (54). Any ideas on where I should be looking? I imagine I'm a few months too late, and may have to wait for the autumn...
Jeans look nice. Are they from the Behslashalassaaaah seller? More pics?
Strange measurements for a cod piece...Length from BOC 31" (base of cod)?
Can't wait to see what this thing is!
Even without VAT these got expensive! Would be £562.50 minus VAT, or $938!
So I received the Shoemart 2nd's today. Box was marked 9900 Cigar PTB but I'm pretty sure these are the new Ravello (as advertised on the 2nd's list). Initially they looked to be in pretty much perfect condition. When I held them in direct sunlight I could see that one of the shoes was considerably lighter than the other. I'm wondering what I should do because at the moment they actually look like 2 different shoes. It seems that I have a few options: 1. Return them for a...
I can't remember if we ever requested a funky colour for the lining? I do remember that we asked for the shoes to be individually numbered (to commemorate the grand occasion) and it was a no-can-do.
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