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Finally received the dark navy Mallory I ordered from UshowU. Ordered it on the 12th, he mailed it on the 16th and I got it yesterday (27th). Pretty lengthy shipping time considering the $52 shipping cost, but I didn't get charged any import fees / taxes which was nice. Would definitely consider ordering from them again.
Try B Nelson in NYC?
I'm currently testing this on my slightly odd colored Ravello PTB's. It's been almost a week of the darker one sitting out on a window sill, but unfortunately it's been cloudy almost that entire time. I'm going to leave it there for another 2 weeks at least - I'll be sure to post the results here.
^ That's awesome! Very lucky find sir. What size did you get?
WOWZERS! Amazing chukkas sir. Were you on a list for these? They are absolutely stunning.
This is just awesome!
Delicious! Where are these beauties from?!
How did you size? Would tts work?
They certainly aren't identical but they're pretty close. The variance is only obvious in the direct sunlight and it's definitely something I can live with. I think after a while the colors are going to even out nicely. Or, I could be completely deluded but I'm ok with that too
Absolutely hideous, all of them! They look like caricatures of really ugly shoes!
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