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Depends which service is used. If FedEx, UPS, DHL etc. I always get stung. If a local carrier is used and the package handed to the USPS I have yet to get stung. For reference I'm in NYC.
Really looking forward to seeing photos of this latest batch!
Wow this is a great looking boot! Out of interest, what is the darkest (brown) county calf available from EG? If it's walnut, would you consider offering a Nevis MTO in walnut CC in the near future? Maybe with Dainite and a notched storm welt?
I think blue present (et al) will just buy all the cheaply discounted leftover crap off the website and list it on eBay for a 1000% markup.
Frans Boone's version is spectacular. I would not purchase though due to the lack of speedhooks. Also there is no size 12 so even if I wanted them, I would not be able to get them
Mine have also darkened slightly from wearing them outdoors.
Yes less shine which is just how I like it.They are a little pale, and paleness was definitely something I was concerned about while waiting for these to arrive all those months ago. They are nowhere near as pale as some Alden whiskey I've seen which I'm thankful for, but they aren't as dark as Ravello. These really are a unique shade of brown - not too light but not too dark. Wonderful boots.
They are Alden flat waxed laces.I love speed hooks - so convenient.
Hmmm. Even for a suede chukka? I was thinking I would probably need a UK12 too, but seeing as a 12 wasn't available thought I would see if I could squeeze into a 11.5 which is. Guess I'll mull it over - thanks for the advice dudes.
Thanks - I'll look into some past posts.
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