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So nice.
Only another 3 needed for the dark brown cordovan Dundee GMTO! Get in touch ASAP if you'd also like to participate!
C&J Dark Brown Cordovan Dundee Boot GMTO Update 03/04. Price is looking like a very tasty $800 so if in doubt purchase immediately as you may never get another chance Definitely Interested: hoit1981 - Prefers medallion kczsilence - Prefers no medallion DavidLane - Prefers no medallion scuppasteve - Fine with or without medallion kczsilence's friend - Only interested in no medallion schmallo15 - Prefers medallion zippyh - Prefers medallion kwhitelaw - Fine with or...
I think they might be a bit too small for me.
Why on earth would they want to stitch to Horween, who have limited colours and massively limited stock? $1225 is more than Vass for F's sake?!
This is such a shame dude, amazing boots. I heard from Richard today that the price of single MTO's has gone up significantly (£645), and that they only have black & burgundy available... indefinitely. I was hoping to get a chocolate cordovan Eaton on 4537 going with GMTO (£445). Brogued captoe and quarters, maybe with medallion too. Do Trickers often run out of cordovan color varieties?
Dundee is proving to be an unexpected struggle. I'm getting pretty close to calling it quits and just ordering a Vass 1180 in Antic Cognac Cordovan...
So I don't own any Vass but have been looking through this tread and have been blown away! Some absolutely amazing footwear. How are people generally ordering? I'm interested in the 1180.
Yeah it's strange, people must just not be into punch captoe boots? Odd because this is going to be such a rare makeup, and it's such a beautiful boot.It is on Reddit - link can be found HERE. I put it on there a while back (4 months or so) but don't really get how Reddit works... Does anyone know how I can get the Reddit thread to be more visible? At the moment it's lost at the rear end of 4 months of other threads.
New Posts  All Forums: