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Thanks. Are they still available anywhere? They look really nice.
Did you ever find out who made these? Where did you get them if you don't mind me asking?
Wow great price on the best wingtips ever made! If these we 3 sizes larger I'd be buying myself a backup pair.
WTF is up with all these a$$hole e-retailers not stocking anything above size "10". I've only ever purchased 2 pairs of shoes in a sale - a discolored Alden Ravello PTB and a C&J Marlow wingtip. Pisses me right off!
This is going to be a really nice boot.
Richard Shoehealer. Great CS.
These are half bellows. Haven't given the lining much thought.
Considering they cost a fraction of EG's Zugs (and were actually obtainable), I think I'll be keeping 'em
AS Kelso's arrived. They seem really nice, but I have no other Zug to compare to. Pics (along with thickness of Zug compared to a quarter) below.A quarter is 1.75mm, and by using calipers I (fairly accurately) estimate the Zug to be 3mm.
OK, so I'm having difficulty drumming up interesting for the C&J Dundee GMTO (need 12+ for the GMTO to happen). I started thinking it might be a good idea to see if Trickers could get a similar makeup going. Would anyone be interested in the following makeup: Trickers Eaton Medallion Cap-toe With Punching W2298 Last Mogano shell Slightly higher leg (5 eyelets & 3 speed-hooks) Gunmetal hardware "Antique" Barbour welt Double leather sole with "Antique" edging (or dark grey...
New Posts  All Forums: