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Thanks - I'll look into some past posts.
Hi guys. Great thread with awesome info and pics. I'm a complete novice with Carmina and recently became infatuated with the lined New Tobacco Suede Chukka from Skoak. I have zero experience with any Carmina lasts but from what I've read here the Detroit is very roomy? I'm a Brannock US13D, Alden Barrie 12.5D, C&J 325/341 UK12E and flat-footed & slightly wide. Would the UK11.5 (I'm assuming E) work for me? Does anyone have photos of this boot in the wild? Any advice would...
I've actually not had any problems with the flat laces in these. Seem to stay in place pretty well. Really glad we got this run with speedhooks - so damn convenient.
Mike, is it safe to say that these were just another pair "lying around on the factory floor" that someone at Alden managed to rustle up for you?! One word, BRAVO!!!
Haha yeah. Naughty huh?
Yessir :-)
Haven't worn them much this summer at all really as it's been too hot and muggy. I've probably worn these 10-15 times total. I anticipate they will get lots of use in the autumn.
Thanks!Nothing special. No products - just brushing and buffing so far.
They are cracking boots. Really interested to see how your monks turn out btw!
Just a couple of pics to whet your appetites Gratuitous ankle shot: [[SPOILER]]
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