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Not shell, dark brown calf grain :-)
Dark brown grain Gianni on Dainite tickle your fancy at all sir?
That vest looks kinda cool. Did it have tags attached? How much?
Awesome news for the shell folk.Doble, you interested in a Gianni in dark grain? Not shell but a badass winter boot...
Yes, I was sitting on the couch and went "ha" out loud, and smiled.
This made me laugh.
Bumping for people interested in a non-shell winter boot: C&J for RL Gianni in dark brown grain, dark exposed eyelets and dark speedhooks, double Dainite with storm welt. Very interested: hoit1981 aldenfan DoctorHolliday kwhitelaw Somewhat interested: fitzcooper Price is likely to be £350 exc. VAT (a bargain). I do believe we'll need 12 on this order to get it made. I could contact Lauren and see if we could do a smaller order of 6 but I'm pretty sure we'll need the...
I think you'd be lucky to find another 11 people willing to get on another whiskey Harlech mto... I would see if you could arrange another makeup - maybe a whiskey Gianni or something?
Haha true dat!
I really can't wait to see those monks with some wear and patina on them!
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