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Funny that some people find the break in takes that long (20+ wears) for the wings. I assume it means the last just isn't right for your foot? Mine took about 5 wears until they felt great, and my Harlech's gave me no issues whatsoever.
[[SPOILER]] Where did you find the Slaton? I'm trying to find one in 13D.
I was just having a quick look and it seemed that they have everything in large but no other sizes. Weird?
You're proud of this???!!!
Thanks for the heads up. I missed them. My painful loss is someone else's extacy.
Wow @totalair1 nice pickup with the whiskey tankers! I've been on another planet and completely missed them. If you don't mine me asking, what did you get them for in the end? They would have been slightly too large for my 12.5D's anyway (this is what I'm going to keep telling myself).
Hi guys. Was just having a close look at some boots I've yet to wear and saw something a little concerning (to my inexperienced eye). I've tried to take photos and will attempt to explain what's concerning me. It seems like I can almost see the stitching keeping the sole and upper attached when I look at the boot from the side. I recall seeing photos (I believe they were Indy's) where the sole appeared to be completely detaching from the upper, and wanted to me certain...
^^ So nice! Outdoor pics?
[[SPOILER]] If I do get them repaired, it will be primarily out of a sense of lingering guilt for letting so much cordovan (they're size 13) go unused. [[SPOILER]] Which model is this? Indy in #8 on TB?
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