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OK, places and people?Interested to see what the forthcoming sales will bring.
Well if you decide to let them go at any point, PM me first please!
C&J likes to use place names for their products. Not sure why this would be named after a town in south Wales though :-/
^ 40%.
Probably just the angle?
I purchased a navy gingham from Need Supply with a small collar. There was no mention on the NS website that it was not the regular 3" so I felt a bit jilted. It had a 2" collar and just never felt right so I sold it.
King Barrie Tankers for me today.
Free shipping too... EXPRESS14
Just placed an order for the Kelso in brown zug on commando with veldt. Ordered with Richard at Shoe Healer who seems like a cracking chap. They sound like they're going to be a monster of a boot - definitely looking forward to receiving them in March! Does anyone own this boot? Any pics?
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