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Wow those look horrendous! They must be the SA C&J.
This seems to work well for Alden ;-)
I would imagine that they are still using Horween. There has been no indication otherwise (at least in my recent contact with C&J). Interesting to hear that they are restocking their models, but I wonder if this will include new makeups... And, I still need the Gianni dammit!
I would be really interested to hear of other peoples experiences with sizing the Aberdeen, with boots in particular. From what I understand it's Alden's narrowest last? If I'm a 13E in the Leydon would I be the same in Aberdeen?
Very nice, thanks.
Would love to see these outside in direct sunlight.
I wonder if we could ever convince a retailer to do a run. Maybe there's a chance now that Ravello is becoming less scarce? Maybe TSM?
They are my ultimate grail.
Ravello Tanker?
That looks really weird. Almost looks wet? Are you walking through puddles on your way to work, or are your feet sweating so much that it's saturating the suede?
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