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http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/DSC02558.jpg Can someone please confirm the model name of this shoe. Looks great - specially in suede! Also, what does EG call this color suede? Would it be the Grasmere in Mink?
And the Suffolk 2 in #8...
Perhaps someone should try getting in touch with these Swedes ^. The site looks legit and they might be able to help with getting something more unusual made? Also seems good that they can possibly get a MTO of 6 going, and not the full 12. Just my $0.02.Oh, and I'm not a huge fan of saddles but I'm liking the Medway in whiskey shell...
Sorry for the crappy pics, but I'm no photographer. I really like this bag. It's so much lighter than my tan 257, and the nylon shoulder strap is amazingly comfortable - so much more so than the traditional leather strap that I can't imagine using a leather strap again. Despite its lighter weight it seems very durable. I've used this heavily over the past year - it goes with me to the office and onto site and can take a beating. I purchased the black leather clasp which...
I would have been interested in this had I not ordered the Alfred Sargent Kelso in Zug with Veldtschoen on Commando from the Shoe Healer, which I plan on using as winter shit kickers for the foreseeable future. A shearling lining sure does sound mighty snuggly though...
I have it it black. Could post some photos tomorrow if interested?
Wow those look great. Wish they were 3 sizes larger!
That's what I was thinking. I'm definitely between a 12.5D & 13D though, and there's something at a great price available on eBay in 13D which I'm interested in. Trying to think if I should just go for it and try to make it work with an insole or something (which I've not attempted before). Hmmm.
Interested in picking up the Art Carter chukka. Is the general consensus to size down a 1/2 size from your "regular" size? So basically to go with your Barrie size? Could I be comfortable in TTS?
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