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I tried to get a dark brown grain Gianni MTO going but it never got off the ground :-(
Yeah it seemed like a lot to me too. I was enquiring about a few things in March and was quoted the following:To convert to Dainite is $180.00.A mid-sole is $40.00.The only way to lighen the color of the welt would be to replace it. To replace a 360 degree welt would be $50.00.A new sock liner is $30.00.
B Nelson quoted me a minimum of $180 and didn't have the ridgeway sole.
^ Dayum those boots are awesome!
Yeah it was really reasonable. I swapped out some double leather for Ridgeway using C&J and its totaling $210 (including mailing each way to the UK).
These are really nice. Where from?
I assume you've called the C&J shop in NYC?
I believe this would incur a MTO fee. I recently discovered however that when you send your shoes/boots in to C&J for restoration you can swap soles for no extra moneys.
Hmmm interesting. I wonder if I could call NR CS and get them to do a countrywide inventory search? Anyone done this?
Funny that some people find the break in takes that long (20+ wears) for the wings. I assume it means the last just isn't right for your foot? Mine took about 5 wears until they felt great, and my Harlech's gave me no issues whatsoever.
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