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^ This was answered on the C&J thread. C&J made the boots for the film, AS made the boots for the Mr. Porter collection.
Question regarding the Amex offer... It says $50 off a purchase of $200 or more. Interested in something at $199.99 + NY tax. Will the tax take me over the $200 and into the discount, or does the tax not factor in? Any ideas?
Does anyone have the AE for Brooks Brothers MacNeil in chocolate suede? I would be very interested to see some photos of them in action.
[[SPOILER]] In April I had C&J NYC change my dark brown cordovan Harlech's from double leather to Ridgeway soles. Cost was $210 total, which included mailing both ways. It took about 6 weeks and was very easy. If I remember correctly there was no tax, and because the boots are going back to the UK for repairs there are no import/export duties and fees.
I believe it's brandy.
I must say I'm really looking forward to receiving the EB #4 cordovan captoe boot (model 3824) in a few months. I was wondering though, are there any existing examples of an EB boot/shoe in #4 cordovan?
I use saphir neutral.
Fuck they look tasty!
Well it's going to be an easy fix - simply a case of paying a cobbler to do it. B Nelson charges $5 an eyelet, so $80 per pair of boots. If C&J screwed up then they should take care of you guys, it just becomes a case of how.
I know that C&J NY has a relationship with B Nelson. I wonder if, for the US customers at least, C&J would be open to getting these fixed to original spec using Nick V? Seems like exposed eyelets would work really well on these beuts.
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