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I see the Purdey boots just went up from £395 to £475. Quite a sharp increase.
Got a navy gingham from Need Supply yesterday and was hugely disappointed to see it has a smaller collar than usual. Not seen this before on GV - I'm used to the standard 3". I haven't measured it yet, but I'm assuming it's a 1.5-2" collar. What's up with shrunken collars on GV shirts - when did this start happening?
If you're looking for photos of them worn-in, I see there's a pair listed here...Not my listing.
A joke surely?
Skye2 is Dainite right? Lindrick is double leather.
Good info. Thanks!
Good to know, thanks. Do you find them to be at all narrow?
I just noticed there may be some Mojave's in my (potential) size on the Shoebank website. Can someone who owns a pair comment on the fit? I normally wear 13D (Brannock), and wear 13D in the MacNeil and 13E in the Amok. Would a 13D in the Mojave be a good fit? Would really appreciate some advice.
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