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They do make xxl's but they may not be particularly common. I've seen xxl oxfords.
@Leaves... I really like the look of the Enzo Bonafé Norvegese Split Toe (Model 2476 (modified) 363 MOD last). Any idea if this could be made into a boot? Kind of like a Tanker, but with a badass chained Norvegese welt construction. Maybe a dark brown grain with eyelets & speed-hooks, on a Dainite sole?
I forgot, it was posted earlier in this thread...Very similar makeup for RL. I'm proposing a dark grain (Islay dark brown) and higher shaft (5 eyelets and 4 speed-hooks).
Is this a joke?
These look great. Where / when were they purchased?
Currently have 6 interested... Could use another 6... Bumping for people interested in a non-shell winter boot: Specs: C&J for RL Gianni in dark brown scotch-grain 5 black exposed eyelets 4 black speed-hooks Double Dainite Edging could be either light or dark Storm welt to match edging Tone on tone stitching Very interested: hoit1981 aldenfan DoctorHolliday kwhitelaw Somewhat interested: fitzcooper tifosi Price is likely to be confirmed by Lauren to be £350 exc. (or...
Missed out on the Gianni. Really want it in grain.
I was thinking black eyelets and black hooks. Hadn't heard about C&J hardware turning green... Anyone care to chime in?
These are fantastic! Pretty much the only loafer I could ever imagine wearing.
Where are people seeing the Gobi chukkas? I only see a couple of sizes on the Macys website - they aren't on the AE site yet right?
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