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Maybe we should organize a GMTO for the PTB in whiskey shell.
Does anyone here own/have pics of the Schautal? It seems to be similar to the MacNeil from what I can tell? I'm trying to figure out the exact color - it's described as tan, and I'd really appreciate an accurate photo to see how light/dark the suede is.
Bump. I would also very much like to know this.
Where did to find?
^ That is one tasty looking brogue boot! Bravo!
Boxed them up and sent them off this morning unfortunately. I know that I would always notice the wonkiness - it was quite severe on this pair. The person I was email at AE suggested they were either a prototype for BB, or a BB model soon to be released. I would imagine the latter. Really a very nice shoe, and I would be tempted to pick up at full price. There isn't another pair available in 13D unfortunately.From AE Port Wash: "Yes, it is a new style. I am not sure if...
Yeah I think I'm going to have to send them back. Shame coz they're pretty damn nice otherwise :-(
So the shoes I ordered from the Shoebank finally got to me in NYC - took 11 days total. These are the Brooks Brothers MacNeil in chocolate suede. Brown edging and black (proper) Dainite soles. Really nice shoes, just not sure I can live with the wonky broguing near the wingtip at the front of the right shoe. Shame as I used the Amex offer and got them for ~$170. What do you guys think - would the wonkiness become less apparent over time, or more?
How long does it normally take people to receive 2nds shipped from Port Wash? I placed an order on the 13th and got confirmation they shipped on the 14th (with no tracking number). Enquired about the tracking on the 15th and was told something screwy about transitioning from one system to another, and I'm still waiting. No one seems to be able to tell me if they shipped, if there's a tracking #, and generally it seems like a complete clusterf***. Is it normally this way?
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