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It would be ideal to order both I guess, but return postage to Spain would suck if I preferred the Tricker's. Hmmm. Thanks for the intel sir.
Yes they're the STP's. Does this make them a bad choice, are the STP's made to a lower quality than usual? Yes tax to NY is $30.
Apologies for the cross post from the Carmina thread, but I was hoping someone could help me make a decision...The Tricker's in the US retail for $675 but are available at around half that. The Carmina on the other hand retail for $367 and are available shipped (not inc. import taxes & fees) for $276. Is there a big difference in quality that should make me choose Tricker's over Carmina?Cheers.
Can someone please help me make a decision. I'm trying to decide between a Carmina 708 chukka in Repello on Detroit, and a Tricker's (I think William on 2298?) chukka in dark brown suede. Carmina has a storm welt which I find appealing, and is also about $100 cheaper. Both are lined and on Dainite. Is there a big difference between the two in quality? Will I get stung at customs into the US using the Express shipping from Carmina? Tricker's are in the US so not concerned...
Yeah saw that. Was really interested in Detriot with a storm welt. I prefer clunky to sleek. Thanks for the heads-up though.
Has anyone seen any Detroit lasted chukkas or ptb's available in dark brown or snuff suede? Ideally in UK11.5D.
These actually look really nice!
How exactly did you confirm it was human poop?!
It's definitely possible. I got a quote from Lauren. Gianni in dark brown grain, any sole & edging combo, storm welt, eyelets & speedhooks would be £350 (around $536) if done as GMTO of 12+. I was thinking it would be awesome with a double Dainite, and black / dark grey eyelets & speedhooks.
This sounds interesting! Will you be receiving any larger sizes - 12.5D/13D's?
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