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My experience with the 341 (Harlech boot) is to size down a full size from my US size. I'm a 13D on the Brannock and took a 12E in the Harlech.
A few RRL items are currently on sale at Unionmade.
Will these be mailing out today? Also, any forthcoming Gianni or Lindrick in a size 13?
Are these the #8 Harlech-y looking boots from about a year ago? If so, then damn you chipshot for not being 3.5 sizes larger! ;-)
$80 for a new MTO in that makeup is fantastic! My snuff Amok's are perfect as a casual summer shoe. I'm jealous of these in green - wish the amok was still available to MTO, I would get them made in every shade of suede available!
^ Haha classic! Where is this and did you take the photo? Talk about right place at the right time!
Commando soles? If Dainite I might still be wary. How extreme is the hiking going to be? I did a week long trek in Peru and wore Meindl's with no regrets at all.
I've often wondered what would happen if you put a 256 (or similar) on a quick cold wash in a washing machine. Would it really screw up the leather?
This would be my suggestion...Cat Braisé
Boots, those are looking really nice! I haven't worn mine very much recently - it's been too hot and rainy. Will try to get them on this weekend as they deserve some attention.
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