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Checking with Lauren. I also assumed the 325 but will confirm when she gets back to me.
That Brioni is beyond nice, shame about the sleeve length. No surprises it was owned by a 90yr old billionaire (name appears to be visible in last pic) :-)
Yeah mine are a 13D US size. They were super comfortable out of the box which was surprising, much more so than my Marlow wingtips which too aeons to break in, but are now marvelous.I'm beginning to think I need the Lindrick, even though I have the Marlow...
^ My RL McCallum chukka fits great and looks badass. I believe it's on the 325 last.
One place to look is eBay. Careful though, as some of these are regular Gitman.Personally, I've seen XXL's at Barneys.
They do make xxl's but they may not be particularly common. I've seen xxl oxfords.
@Leaves... I really like the look of the Enzo Bonafé Norvegese Split Toe (Model 2476 (modified) 363 MOD last). Any idea if this could be made into a boot? Kind of like a Tanker, but with a badass chained Norvegese welt construction. Maybe a dark brown grain with eyelets & speed-hooks, on a Dainite sole?
I forgot, it was posted earlier in this thread...Very similar makeup for RL. I'm proposing a dark grain (Islay dark brown) and higher shaft (5 eyelets and 4 speed-hooks).
Is this a joke?
These look great. Where / when were they purchased?
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