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Ravello PTB's today. These are the mismatched pair from TSM, and I'm happy to say that after some time of alternating each of them on a window sill in direct sunlight they are getting very close together in shade... Not 100% but very close. So close in fact that I doubt anyone outside of the SF community would ever notice. I really like these.
^ WOW!
Totally didn't think of that! I'll head over at some point next week I guess. Will probably need a UK size 11.5 or 12 - you stock these in numbers that high?
+1. Any sizing recs (I'm flat and slightly wide footed)?And does anyone know if B Nelson does goyser restitching?
^ And do they resole / recraft? If so, any idea of the cost?
Looks awesome - love my Amoks.6PSA looks delicious too - have you tried the Bengali Tiger? Truly one of the most amazing brews around (and made 2 blocks away from my apt).
I would do some serious romping in those Norwegian boots, dayum!
^^ HA! This really made my morning thus far!
Haha love it. Also loving the new makeup - please take lots of pics gents!
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