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Which tailor do you use?
They did have a few pairs of the green herringbone chinos too which I think are selvedge? Didn't look to closely at the sizes of those though. And yes, the most prevalent were the tan - had all sizes in both 32 & 34 length.
Lots of RRL and Black Label clothes and accessories. It's the first day today so will be pretty manic. I got there before opening to avoid the crowds.
Sorry - Soiffer Haskin RL sample sale in Midtown.
Just checked. The lighter weight version is 10.5oz with a red selvedge line. The heavier ones (real 'effing stiff) are 10.8oz with no colored selvedge line. They are definitely selvedge though.It seems strange to me that the weight-difference of .3oz would make such a contrast to how they feel. They did have some 9.? oz available too - tried them on but didn't purchase.
Lots of AE for RL at the SH sale in NYC today if anyone's interested. Didn't pick anything up but there were most models spread across all sizes when I was there first thing this morning. Today was 65% off retail I believe - could have been 70%. Best prices would be on Monday when remaining stock would be at about 80% off (assuming there's anything left).
I won't be going back to the sale until at least Sunday. If there's anything left by then (doubtful) I'll be able to proxy. I went looking for shoes & boots. Seemed to only have AE, no C&J.
I was there at 8:40ish and got in at 9. There was a line outside when I left so it might be a little crazy.
All sorts really. Quite a lot of of RRL and lots of Black Label.
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