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Received my STP dark brown suede chukkas on Dainite the other day, and spent the entire day in them today. Amazingly comfortable and well made. To say I'm happy with them would be a massive understatement! Will certainly be considering more Tricker's in the future. I like the look of their unlined chukkas - does anyone have photos of them in action?
Are the shoes resole-able? Wondering what the "glue and stitch" means long-term..
Cross post from the C&J thread. Thought it was suitable for the MTO thread:
Got my Harlech's back from C&J NYC from the resoling. Pretty damn happy with these. Sorry for the crappy indoor iPhone pics...
Amazing jacket. Wish it was larger!
Oh poop.
Does kinda suck that STP charges tax for NY. I thought they were based in the Wild West? Are they a massive corp. or something?
Thanks for the insight guys.Tricker's are on their way. I'll post some pics when they get here.
It would be ideal to order both I guess, but return postage to Spain would suck if I preferred the Tricker's. Hmmm. Thanks for the intel sir.
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