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Interesting, thanks guys. It seems there may be 12E's available. Would you have thought that would be a good substitute for a 12.5D?
Interesting. What's your Brannock? What else do you have in Alden? My Aberdeen & Leydon are 13E so I'm thinking that 13D Barrie may be aok?
Generally, do people find they are the same size in both cordovan & suede? I can find the snuff Barrie LWB in 13D easily - would that work for me if I'm a 12.5D in cordovan Barrie? Basically, would the suede fit "snugger"?
^ Those are really nice!
Man it's annoying being a 12.5D! I'm phoning everywhere trying to locate a Snuff Barrie LWB and nowhere is delivering. I've tried DC, Madison, Shoemart, Citishoes and Leathersole, all to no avail. Anyone have a suggestion on how I can get my hands on a 12.5D without having to wait 4+ months for Alden to make one?
Did you get your 10EEE's yet? Wondering how they are working out for you.
Do you have a high instep?
Heard from Carmina that the price increase on their website would happen mid-late September, at least for US customers.
Where did you find these? Are there any more? They look really comfy.
I would love a version of this in a snuff / darkish brown suede. Storm welt on double leather. Any interest?Is there a link (or photo) showing all the sole options available from EB?
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