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Not my listing... Whats going on with the soles of these NST's?!
Interesting. So for the Gianni you would suggest sizing an entire size down from your US Brannock? Say I'm a 13D Brannock, you would suggest a 12D Gianni?
Yeah DHL are the worst (alongside FedEx) in my experience. I would call C&J and see if they can mail via Parcelforce, as with them you're unlikely to have any fees at all.
Will do.
Those ripples are like sexy times! Such a great boot - really wish I had it in my repertoire.
Me? I have slightly wide, flat and bony feet. Plain toes and chukkas take no time to ripple on my feet and I love it.Question: When it comes to resoling will C&J accept RL models like these? I imagine yes but could be wrong. If yes, would they resole what was originally double leather with Dainite?
McCallums, fresh outta the box...
McCallums arrived today. Pardon the French, but Holy Crap these things are amazing! Will post some pics up in the relevant thread later today.
My experience with the 341 (Harlech boot) is to size down a full size from my US size. I'm a 13D on the Brannock and took a 12E in the Harlech.
A few RRL items are currently on sale at Unionmade.
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