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Interested in picking up the Art Carter chukka. Is the general consensus to size down a 1/2 size from your "regular" size? So basically to go with your Barrie size? Could I be comfortable in TTS?
^ That's good to know. Thanks for the intel.
Hmmm interesting. So if not Caruso then who else?
Nice one! Thanks so much.
Hi guys. I purchased this RL BL sport jacket BNWT yesterday for a song and don't recognize the inside labels. I've looked through this thread for info but can't seem to successfully identify it. Any ideas on both the maker and fabric? Edit: If it helps the retail was $1595.
Dark brown grain Gianni on Dainite? Not currently in progress but something I've wanted for ages. Tried to get a MTO going a while back but not enough takers. Need 12.
B Nelson won't resize.
OK, places and people?Interested to see what the forthcoming sales will bring.
Well if you decide to let them go at any point, PM me first please!
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