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Were there ever any photos of the Skoak / EB #4 captoe boot which fell through and was made in mahogany shell instead? I dropped out when I heard it wasn't going to be #4, but I don't recall seeing any photos of the boots, either in the Skoak or EB threads. How did they turn out?
C&J in my experience is always a full size down from your "true" US size. For example, my Brannock is US13D, I'm a US13D in Marlow wingtip, a US12.5D in Alden Barrie, and a UK12E in all C&J lasts I've tried.
Storm welt. I've asked Lauren for information on the Dundee welt as shown in the image above, not sure if it's storm/split/something else. I'll update when I hear back.
^ Doesn't that make it a double Dainite sole? This is in the specs for the Dundee I've emailed to Lauren. I've also asked her about the welt of the Dundee. This boot needs a storm welt IMO, and I wasn't sure what the welt on the Dundee is referred to as. Any ideas? It seems somewhat "notched".
Ok, so can we all agree that the Dundee will have the medallion and be on Dainite? If so can you all PM me your names & email addresses. I will keep your details private. I will give you Lauren's contact info so that you can then contact her directly. She asked that I provide her with a full list of names first so that she can be sure to add the correct people to the correct GMTO (there seem to be a few running at the moment). Cheers guys! -Ed
Dundee GMTO Update 03/08 (pt.2): 1. hoit1981 - Prefers medallion & double leather 2. @kczsilence - Prefers no medallion & no preference 3. @DavidLane - Prefers no medallion & double leather 4. scuppasteve - Fine with or without medallion & Dainite 5. kczsilence's friend - OUT 6. schmallo15 - Prefers medallion & double leather 7. zippyh - Prefers medallion & Dainite 8. kwhitelaw - Fine with or without medallion & ? 9. StiefelNazi - Fine with or without medallion &...
Feel free to check, but I'm pretty sure that with your friend dropping out that makes 13.
Pretty sure the list is all that's interested - 14 people.
Thanks for this, and yes I'm really beginning to think that I need the medallion. I can live with Dainite (although not preferable), but feel that stylisticly I'm hankering for a medallion.
Personally, I think that if the majority decided they wanted no medallion and Dainite I would have to leave the GMTO, as this would not be the boot I intended to get. I really want a medallion and double leather, so if I can't get at least one of those I'll drop out.
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