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Update:C&J pricing has increased slightly. Lauren has confirmed that these will come to:£675 including VAT£562.50 excluding VAT (approximately $863)Let me know if to want to join. Looks like we need another 6 to get this going.
If you were a 8.5D Barrie / Trubalance I would recommend UK8E in the 341.
Confirmed pricing for the Dundee GMTO: £675 including VAT £562.50 excluding VAT (approximately $863)
Hi guys. Which Trickers last is most similar to the Alden Barrie? Looking for a comfortable, wide fitting boot last for a potential MTO.
Just looks pretty apparent to me, especially in the photo where they are both next to each other on a step. I think it would take a lot of work (and luck) to get these shades "close". Just my opinion of course.
^ This color difference looks quite noticeable to me and is likely the reason for them being 2nds. One looks quite red and the other quite brown. This will be a very tricky thing to remedy and they will likely always be mismatched. I have a mismatched pair of Alden "Brownvello" ptb's and after several (6+) months of rotating them on a window sill to lighten, they are better but still slightly mismatched. Only I (or a fellow enthusiast) would ever know though, so I now just...
Yes she's awesome. She managed the first whiskey Harlech order for me/us and was fantastic.Shame there's not looking like there'll be enough interest in this boot to get the GMTO moving.
Ah I see. I just heard from Lauren who confirmed that the price would be a bit higher for the Dundee's, but she would have to confirm the price on Monday after she speaks with her manager.
It really looks badass and I can totally respect it. I just don't know how I would wear the green.
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