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By wearing it.
For some reason I thought it had a half bellow tongue. Not sure why I'm thinking that, but it's probably because I heard it here at some point.
Isn't the Islay on the 335? What about the Skye & Lindrick?
Did anyone make it to the SH sale today? I didn't go and was wondering if it would be worth it for tomorrow?
^ Not stock unfortunately. Would look great in brown cordovan ;-) Yes I guess it would be made with whatever last the Dundee normally is made with - C&J aren't open to changing stuff like that.
Hi guys. Does anyone here have experience with the 363MOD last? US12.5D Barrie, UK12E C&J 325 & 341. Trying to determine if I'd be 12 or 12.5 in the EB?
I've emailed Lauren to see if #4 is available. Not holding my breath, but it would be awesome if they could get it.
I wish! I know Enzo Bonafe can get #4, and would charge a similar amount for a similar makeup... I could ask Lauren and find out, but I really doubt it.
Dear sirs, I would like to propose a new MTO... Dark Brown Shell Dundee Boot Specs: Dark brown Horween shell cordovan Double leather sole Antique edging Storm welt 4 blind eyelets 4 gunmetal speed-hooks Price £650 (exc. vat £541.67). Around $830. Need a batch of 12. Examples of the Dundee (in dark brown grain) are below....
Saw this today. Seems to be how Mr Lifshitz likes to eat his burgers on the ranch...
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