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Saw these on the Buday site - did you get them yet? Any pics?
I own the Alden unlined chukka, AE Amok and AE Mojave. The Amok is actually the closest representation of the Alden, the Mojave looks completely different in person - it's much blobbier. The Amok and Alden are actually quite sleek in comparison, and both have a single flexible sole in contrast to the Mojave's heavy crepe.You'll also probably find that the stitching on a lot of desert-type chukka boots are similar, possibly due to the way the eyestays and quarters are...
Personally I don't think that'll cut it. I recently purchased some Alden Ravello PTB's as 2nd's which were slightly mismatched. I left the darker one out in the sun for a while while I contacted Alden to see if they would refinish the uppers. After a few weeks I had arranged the refinishing so I sent them to Alden. A few weeks later they came back and while the color difference was better, they were still mismatched. I then left the darker one out in direct sunlight for...
Quoting myself (sorry)...I just heard back from AE. The Amok and Mojave use the 24" "Basic Glazed" laces, not the 24" Dawhyde. Unfortunately, AE don't seem to have any of the dark brown in stock (they only have them in Alabaster).Does anyone have an extra pair (or pairs) of 24" basic glazed laces in dark brown? If yes, I would really like to purchase them from you!
Carmina use Horween I thought? Are there different grades of Horween shell?
Can anyone here please confirm that the 24" Dawhyde laces on the AE website are the correct replacement laces for the Amok and Mojave chukkas? Got my Mojave 2nd's today (can't see any fault on them at all) and want to switch out the contrast tan laces they came with for dark brown :-)
Does anyone have photos of the recent Alden SF Cigar LWB's, and if so could they post a pic here? Interested to see the makeup and shell color.
^ Now, a navy shell tanker would be badass!
They may feel ok at the moment, but you do seem to want an answer as to why they are creasing. It definitely looks like these are too narrow for you - the gap in between laces is quite extreme IMO. Ill fit is definitely one reason why you could be seeing this strange creasing. FWIW, I'm a 13D on the Brannock and wear a 12EEE in the Clifton. I suggest (as others have said) that you size down in length, and up the width.
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