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[[SPOILER]] Yowzers! How much #4 can EB get hold of?
Interesting. Did they have the storm welt?
Sorry to quote a 5 month old post, but can you please tell me where you got hold of those perfect snuff v-tips?
Size 12.5D PTB you say? What color? If you ever decide to let them go to exchange for a better fit then let me know.
Weren't you the dude who was desperately trying to find these sweatpants so that you could wear them while drinking coffee in view of the Acropolis? What happened???
I actually really like Dainite. I'm glad I have double leather on my whiskey Harlechs, but I do appreciate Dainite in other situations. Again, one mans meat is another mans poison.
Ah, I didn't know an edition had been proposed with flat. Sounds interesting and I'd like to see it.
Original had storm welt.
The original and best Awesome that there are going to be another 2+ runs of this boot. Definitely worth it!
Sounds like you might have a narrow foot? In my (and from what I understand most people's) experience Grant is tts, while Hampton, Leydon, Aberdeen are narrow. Not sure about Plaza as I don't own. Yes to Barrie and TB being wide lasts.
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