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Made by Cheaney I think. I've handled but not worn - seem nice!
Thanks for the clarification.
I'm surprised you're even asking that question!
I don't think these are being produced by C&J as a "local range" in SA, as they are just too hideous. Rather, as others have mentioned, C&J sold the use of their name in the 70's to a SA company to avoid bankruptcy. This SA company continues to make shoes using the C&J name, but are in no way affiliated with C&J Northampton.
I wear my Whiskey Harlechs with jeans and chinos only. Never had an issue.
Understood.However, a quick image search of C&J South Africa revealed this:And this website... which I'm assuming are SA C&J models. The shoe on eBay has the same stitched label on the inside. I could of course be mistaken, but I can't imagine C&J UK making these.
Nice shoes. Were they bought at 1st's?
Wow those look horrendous! They must be the SA C&J.
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