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Missed out on the Gianni. Really want it in grain.
I was thinking black eyelets and black hooks. Hadn't heard about C&J hardware turning green... Anyone care to chime in?
These are fantastic! Pretty much the only loafer I could ever imagine wearing.
Where are people seeing the Gobi chukkas? I only see a couple of sizes on the Macys website - they aren't on the AE site yet right?
If this is indeed correct it's the same last as the Mojave. Nice last - fits tts and has quite a blobby / rounded toe-box (which I find appealing).
The eyelets and hooks seem to be nicely aligned (on my boots at least), suggesting you could easily convert the first batch of these boots to all eyelets. Not sure hidden would work as the marks from the hooks would likely be visible. You could change to all exposed agatine (or something) quite easily. Personally, I really dig the hidden & speed-hooks
If others are keen for all eyelets I don't see that it would be a deal-breaker for me personally. Why do you despise speed-hooks so much friendo?
Not that I'm aware of, I believe it currently only exists in dark brown shell.I was thinking a dark brown grain - probably the one used for the Islay. Dark exposed eyelets and speedhooks, double Dainite with storm welt.
Cool. Shall I put you down as somewhat interested?
Not shell, dark brown calf grain :-)
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