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DAMMIT!!! What should have been an easy delivery today has turned into a massive ballache. TSM put the wrong zip on my package and now I'm going to get them on Friday. I'm only 49 miles from the damn shop and it's looking like a 3 day delivery for my ultimate grails. I am not known for my patience.
My TSM grail had been "picked up". Whoop!
^ I just got the same email from TSM. Shipped. Awesome!
So I spoke with C&J NYC today. Their resoling service costs $210, has no tax and includes shipping back and forth to the UK. Boots will be resoled on the original lasts and you can choose any sole you want. Sounds great to me, so I think I'm going to get my new (to me) dark brown Harlechs Ridgewayed!
Nice! Any photos of the size 12 rack?
Interesting. Any idea of cost?
I recently purchased some dark brown cordovan Harlech's from German eBay for an absolute song. They arrived today and are in great shape with very little wear, I'm imagining they were worn 5 times or less. The seller had a few other C&J models a size larger than these for sale, so I'm assuming the Harlech's were purchased and found to be too small, hence the minimal wear. However, something about wearing someone else's shoes gives me the heebie-jeebies so I'm going to get...
@Leaves Is there any way we can get EG to make a boot version of the Grasmere?
+ 1 for comfort. I've also been surprised at how good crepe is on ice and snow.
I've seen them on fleabay.
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