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Me too ;-)Congrats buda!
So is it the general consensus that the same size is worn in both Aberdeen and Leydon?
Canyon Boots & 3yr old rigid slims that are nearing the end of their life.
Does anyone own the Gobi in snuff yet? If so could you post some "real life" pics? Thoughts on the quality of construction? I'm tempted and see that there are loads available as 2nds.
Dark brown, hidden eyelets, and natural storm welt on dainite sounds good to me.
Yeah just one dark brown color although it does seem to vary in shade quite a lot. My Marlow wingtips look similar to Alden's Ravello while my McCallum chukkas look similar to Cigar.
Maybe dark brown with double dainite?
Yes please. Either dark brown or whiskey.
That looks strange to me. Almost like the sole and welt are becoming detached from the upper? Assuming I am reading the image correctly I would send those puppy's back.
Heard back from Lauren. We need a group of 12 for a mto otherwise the fee won't be waived. Single mto (less than 12) of the Gianni in grain would be approx. £525 exc. vat. About £200 more than if done in a group. She is checking on the last and should get back to me next week - I'm pretty sure it's the 325 though.
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