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Was just looking back through my email correspondence with Lauren from the first whiskey Harlech GMTO, and it seems that I just received an email from her saying my card had been charged as confirmation:"Just an update to let you know that the transaction went through perfectly. I am now waiting for confirmation from the Factory which should be next week. As soon as I am informed I will let you know."^ This will probably be the process?It's also funny to think that there...
Lauren informed me today that she has all the sizing info, and is just finalizing the payment details of the last participant. Should hear back from her tomorrow hopefully.
You and me both brah.
Oh balls.
Don't worry - see the post about yours.
The participant we were waiting on just messaged me back and had contacted Lauren. Looks like we may be good to go for tomorrow!
Could be. I'll reach out again and see if I get a reply
As of 9am NYC time today Lauren is still waiting on payment info from the SF member.
I've asked before and apparently they are not able/willing to create a split toe in this manner. I was very disappointed.
I seem to recall reading that shell can't be made into a split toe such as this.
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