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As of 9am NYC time today Lauren is still waiting on payment info from the SF member.
I've asked before and apparently they are not able/willing to create a split toe in this manner. I was very disappointed.
I seem to recall reading that shell can't be made into a split toe such as this.
They can do this?
Thanks @razl & Styleforum.
After the current (June) Harlech run, the next available whiskey will be September. Perhaps we should start thinking about what we need/want? I would be fine with a whiskey Dundee (with speedhooks - @DavidLane) but would be open to other ideas too... Cheviot: Sedgemore: Moreton: Galway/Gianni:
Hopefully Lauren will confirm with me that she has received payment details from everyone tomorrow. If this last SF person (I've reached out to) still hasn't paid I do have another Reddit chap on standby, so all might not be lost.
These were worn a couple of times (literally), then I had the leather sole switched to a Harboro Rubber Company "Ridgeway Sole" (similar to Dainite but better). This complete refurbish was performed by C&J UK and included: Re-lasting on original last New cork filler New steel shank New welt Conditioning of uppers I have not worn these since the resole (I have too many boots), so these are effectively brand new. Fantastic boots that retail in C&J NYC for $1100. Feel...
This just made me LOL. What can I say, I like to plan ahead ;-)
On this note (and assuming the dark brown Dundee comes out as good as I expect it will), I would like to suggest a late 2016 Dundee GMTO with the following specs: Dundee punch captoe boot Whiskey shell cordovan No medallion Double leather sole with midsole Storm welt Antique edging All exposed eyelets Pulltab
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