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The first whiskey Harlech GMTO was hidden with speedhooks, should totally be possible.
^ I use a combination of Woodlore and JAB trees, whichever provide the tightest fit for the shoe/boot. No complaints at all, and leaves me with more wonga to spend on shoes/boots.
So you would think these would work for a US 12.5er?
Lol it's true, 1 Alden box per boot would work nicely!
Damn these are nice. Really nice toe shape!
Pretty sure it was confirmed these were on 379X similar to modified. TSM said these where 379X.
Whiskey wingtip boots from TSM's 2nd's list. 379X last. Photo's taken under office lighting so doesn't capture the depth of the shell which is stunning. Boots include small scuffs (easily buffed out), lots of un-punched-out broguing and "R" stamps on the sole. Shells are clear, and the boots seem to be well matched in shade. My only real complaint with these is the box that TSM provided. In my size (12.5D-13E) all Alden boxes are basically too small, which means...
Happy new year to you Chipsy! Unfortunately hardly any interest in these beauts. Maybe there will be more takers in the spring?
I'm still holding onto the whiskey wingtip boots I picked up in size 13 and have no intention of putting them on eBay. These is something odd/different however about the 379X last which makes me apprehensive, it's like walking around with huge bananas strapped on my feet. Is this last a modified true-balance or something?I do find the griping about 2nds resellers a bit tedious because it happens every time there's a sale. People (newbs) here miss out / are slow, and...
Happy New Year, off to an awesome start so far chaps!
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