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Not too shabby!
I really like these. Look forward to seeing them patina, so please start wearing them immediately!
Haha will do!
They certainly are nice so I hope they fit you. I wear the #8 Barrie Tanker in 12.5D and this Ravello NST boot in 13E. Last time I tried anything in Aberdeen 13D it just felt far too snug - thinking I have a slightly wide foot.
Interesting. I wear a 12.5D Barrie and found that the 13E Aberdeen (same as Leydon) was best for me. I do not like a tight fit with my shoes & boots.
Yeah... Think I'll get in touch with B Nelson.
Hi gents. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask, and it might be a ridiculous question so I apologize in advance if that's the case. Is is possible to convert an all eyelet boot to a boot with eyelets and speedhooks? Basically, is there a cunning device used by cobblers to convert the top few eyelets to speedhooks? I really hope there is...
I've been enjoying all the pics posted here recently - some fantastic makeups. Glad I finally received my TSM NST's... As others have mentioned, these things are almost flawless. Crappy indoor pics.
^ Ah I see. Yes still a good deal on some exotic shell models.
Nice selection of Alden's available from an Italian website, Borghini Classic. Quite a selection of stuff on sale too, including these cigar cap-toe oxfords. I would assume that tax is deducted, and there is free shipping to the US too. Nothing in my size unfortunately.
New Posts  All Forums: