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I have heard back from Lauren. Gianni in scotch grain calf would come to £420 inc. VAT and £350 exc. VAT. She is also going to speak to Steve Murdoch regarding the grain cordovan. I suggested that it was likely that were C&J able to get hold of a limited amount of material, I would be able to scramble together enough participants in a GMTO to use all of it. However, I am not holding my breath.
Still waiting to hear back from Lauren. Will update asaihb.
Just got an email back from Context. Alas, the Tankers have not actually arrived. The pair of 10D that popped up online over the weekend were from a "limited shop floor stock". There is still no news on when Alden will make the delivery which was due in Feb... [[SPOILER]]
Yep.Again, this was touched on but its important to note that all feet are different, and trying on a shoe/boot is always going to be best.My sizing situation:Brannock - 13D (US)Barrie - 12.5D (US)Leydon - 13E (US)C&J Marlow Wingtip 325 - 13D (US)C&J Brecon 341 - 13D (US)C&J Harlech 341 - 12E (UK)AE 7 Last - 13DAE 1 Last - 13D
Dammit, if this is spoolette then I'm going to be 3rd in line and disappointed.
Seams like they are looking for the Harlech, all blind with Dainite. Sounds nice.
Excellent! I've been waiting an age for these.
All blind with Dainite sounds impressive. Looking forward too seeing this beaut!
What's ross turner?
Not Silvio - was a random and can't remember the name off the top of my head. Had a few pairs that I swiped. Yes, a size 36!
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