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Sounds interesting - I would sure like to know this as well. I wonder if they have an example of this "beechnut" color?
^ That sounds nice - look forward to seeing it!
I've been wearing my snuff Amok's a lot recently and am left wishing I had got pairs in all colors. It seems strange to me that AE isn't offering anything similar (unlined suede) during these hot summer months. Does anyone know if they would be likely to offer these again in the fall?
I was thinking the same thing. Do you think the difference is in the website? Maybe more people know about Leffot? I'm certain that if this was a Leffot preorder they would have sold out in 30 seconds, no exaggeration.
I was not aware of the price increase. Last time I purchased 2nd's was in April and they were $400 iirc (ravello ptb's).
Sounds like a deal. I will put a signed, blank check in the mail asap - I trust you will fill it out for the correct amount?
Wow so nice. Would love to get my hands on these with hidden eyelets!
Nice that you aren't accepting returns on the factory seconds you purchased for ~$400. However, I really do appreciate the opportunity to "inspect each picture carefully" prior to purchase, especially as you don't accept returns (unlike TSM). They are seconds for a reason, and that reason might not be immediately clear from looking at your pictures. A reasonable listing might include some photos taken in direct sunlight, giving the potential buyer the chance to see the...
Conistons in shell?! More info please.
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