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Last time I checked we were living in 'Merica, not Soviet Russia. If a dude wants to try and sell shoes for 2X what he paid, and someone is willing to buy, there's not a lot that can (or should) be done in my view. It's called the free market - if you don't like it, go and live in Venezuela.
The Pennine is a really good looking boot.
Alfred Sargent Kelso from Shoehealer - Zug, Veldt, faux captoe, great price and great construction.
These would be lovely in whiskey shell. Maybe an unlined PTB?
^ I got this exact response regarding the Dundee today too. Looks like we might be getting them at the same time - exciting!
I was charged this morning. Very happy as I've been wanting this since I first proposed the Dundee over a year ago.
Heard back after I emailed her today:"I now have all 12 participants ready so at the moment I am just going through and double checking everything with the Factory so it should not be too long now.I am hoping to get this done by tomorrow however I am getting sent to New York over the weekend so tomorrow is my last day in the office so I am really hoping it have it finalised if not then it will 100% be charged next Tuesday. I shall keep you posted on how I get on.I will try...
Wowzers! Not a model you see everyday. Are these old?
Bluepresent is an enigma. He's been sitting on some of those items for 6+ years and doesn't seem too fussed about moving stuff. A lot of his items are very old, from before you could buy RRL anywhere online. I purchased something from him ages ago - offered him less than he was asking and what I was willing to pay, and he accepted.
Maybe no news is good news?
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