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Real nice homey. Awesome socks too - details please?
Yeah a saw those PTB's a few weeks ago. Tempted but there seems to be a significant mark on the front of the left shoe. The jerk-off seller wont accept returns either, which doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.
Are you kidding? Maybe look at post 1106?
+1. Awesome family shot. Only glaring hole is a lack of McCallum... WTF???
4 in one day?! I take it they're worth the fuss?
^ Did you size down on those?!
Yowzerz those are nice! Beautiful coloring on them. I agree with Chips, they make my Alden PTB's look chubby and dated in comparison.
Nice makeup, but wish it was a LWB.
Whoop! I need these in whiskey shell on dainite.
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