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I contacted (and heard back from) LS today. They may be planning a snuff v-tip for next spring. Likely Leydon with flat welt. Not quite what I was looking for personally, but thought you might be interested.
^ Yeah, someone needs to take the initiative on the makeup, see if it's possible with Lauren, then wrangle. Assuming you aren't asking for anything wacky this should all be easy - it's a ripping boot!
I agree. Less democracy, more dictatorship.
Getting quirky at the Bureau...
Nice. I would be very interested in these if they were a 13E.
Good lord these are awesome! My new Grail I think. I'll have to shoot Tassels an email, but I won't be holding my breath for a restock, or for a size 12.5-13... What last are these on?Thanks for the intel chaps.
Not selfish at all! Good for you.However, now I'm thinking I might need a EB 3540 in #4.
Yes I had seen those - really nice. I am more interested in storm welts though but can't seem to find the original retailer of the version with the storm? Any ideas?
[[SPOILER]] Yowzers! How much #4 can EB get hold of?
Interesting. Did they have the storm welt?
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