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Honestly, if he had it in lime green I'd give it some serious consideration
Then I would probably be interested
I've sent Ron Rider an email requesting info on a Gianni, grain cordovan (any color) on Dainite.
I know mdubs recently had some mahogany grain cordovan LWB's made through Rider. Maybe he could provide us with some information?
Not sure how the quality compares as I've not owned any Rider. I've heard good things though, and I think he will imitate styles. Important thing is he uses grain cordovan quite often...
Same here. Oxblood calf grain Gianni on Dainite please. I heard from Lauren this morning actually - C&J cannot (and will not) get grain cordovan. I wonder if we should contact Ron Rider and see if he could make a Gianni in grain cordovan.
Just… ya know… you’re funny.
They are a lot smarter than Clark's in my opinion. I could easily wear these in my office, whereas I think Clark's are pretty sloppy and not office material.
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