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Pretty much what I did, although I actually think I saw it on sale at some point, I just failed to grab it for some reason.
I would have thought so. The Saphir contains pigment which should help cordovan retain its "original" color. VSC will moisturize and slightly darken initially, but will I would have thought the leather would lighten up again after time. I used to put the neutral Saphir on my Marlow wings, but they lightened quite rapidly so have started to apply the dark brown (very occasionally I might add).
^ Mikes the best!Out of interest, what did the last run of Harlechs come to price-wise, and will C&J be raising their prices soon?
^ LOL thanks for the intel. Sounds like I need to find me a large!
I use Saphir dark brown cordovan cream on my RL dark brown cords. I recommend.
^^ LOL indeed! I certainly wasn't trying to return it, I just wondered under what circumstances credits were given.
Has anyone seen the Heavy-Weight Plaid Shirt in a store recently? It must have sold out online and I'm looking for a M or L...
^ I must be stupid because I can't find the community board - you got a link? Also, I'm trying to figure out why I've got a $20 credit on my account? I've only ever ordered 1 item (Thomas Mason navy gingham) which is yet to be delivered, and I've never referred or been referred... Any ideas?
Ralph Lauren RRL - Brown Collins Waxed Oilcloth Jacket. This price includes all fees, and shipping anywhere in the CONUS. Fully Lined Detachable Hood Drawstring Cord at Waist Brand New With Tags Retails for $690 Pit-Pit = 22.75" Very Similar to Filson & Barbour "Hybrid gem that combines elements of a World War II US Army M-43 field jacket and Old Barbour". Selling at cost so not a lot of wriggle room for offers. Thanks for looking. Please feel free to refer to my...
Bloomin' 'ell!
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