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I was there at 8:40ish and got in at 9. There was a line outside when I left so it might be a little crazy.
All sorts really. Quite a lot of of RRL and lots of Black Label.
Wow!!! So many pairs of selvedge officer chinos at the sale today. Bought myself 2 - one 9oz and one 11oz. Couple of tees and a BL hat too. Masses of jeans and a variety of leather jackets etc. Definitely worth the visit.
Took a guess on sizing and backed the TM gingham. Looks like a beautiful fabric.
Nice looking boots! Interested in dark grain possibly.
Would definitely be interested in olive suede on dark dainite!
Initially posted this in the "Official" Filson thread but thought it might be better off here. Sorry it's not bag related... Kind of interested in the down cruiser jacket. I would be interested to know if anyone has tried one on and is able to share an opinion on the fit? I'm thinking boxy? Any places to get a good deal on one over the forthcoming turkey holiday? Any real-life pics out there?
^ Good going (as usual) Mike! Wingtip boots look truly special. I see what you mean re. the modified boots - what a blobby looking toebox!
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