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Haha will do!
They certainly are nice so I hope they fit you. I wear the #8 Barrie Tanker in 12.5D and this Ravello NST boot in 13E. Last time I tried anything in Aberdeen 13D it just felt far too snug - thinking I have a slightly wide foot.
Interesting. I wear a 12.5D Barrie and found that the 13E Aberdeen (same as Leydon) was best for me. I do not like a tight fit with my shoes & boots.
Yeah... Think I'll get in touch with B Nelson.
Hi gents. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask, and it might be a ridiculous question so I apologize in advance if that's the case. Is is possible to convert an all eyelet boot to a boot with eyelets and speedhooks? Basically, is there a cunning device used by cobblers to convert the top few eyelets to speedhooks? I really hope there is...
I've been enjoying all the pics posted here recently - some fantastic makeups. Glad I finally received my TSM NST's... As others have mentioned, these things are almost flawless. Crappy indoor pics.
^ Ah I see. Yes still a good deal on some exotic shell models.
Nice selection of Alden's available from an Italian website, Borghini Classic. Quite a selection of stuff on sale too, including these cigar cap-toe oxfords. I would assume that tax is deducted, and there is free shipping to the US too. Nothing in my size unfortunately.
DAMMIT!!! What should have been an easy delivery today has turned into a massive ballache. TSM put the wrong zip on my package and now I'm going to get them on Friday. I'm only 49 miles from the damn shop and it's looking like a 3 day delivery for my ultimate grails. I am not known for my patience.
My TSM grail had been "picked up". Whoop!
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