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Haha love it. Also loving the new makeup - please take lots of pics gents!
How fucking dare you you fucking fuck!
^ I wonder if they'll keep doing the SH sales in NYC?
Looking online but I can't seem to see which is darker - mahogany or rosewood CC's? Am I correct it thinking the colors are quite similar, and that the rosewood is slightly redder than the mahogany? Sorry to be a dumsy newby.
Sorry tired brain. Would a 12E in UK C&J 341 boot be a 12E in the Nevis?
How are you sizing the Nevis? Similar to C&J 341 (1 full size down from US size)?
^^^^^ Looks like I'm late to the party.
Is this because CC is difficult to acquire?
Depends which service is used. If FedEx, UPS, DHL etc. I always get stung. If a local carrier is used and the package handed to the USPS I have yet to get stung. For reference I'm in NYC.
Really looking forward to seeing photos of this latest batch!
New Posts  All Forums: