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My whiskey Harlechs are my most supple cordovans - the quality of the C&J whiskey is outstanding. The Newports in whiskey would be amazing. Brown C&J cordovan is a fantastic color, but more difficult to maintain and take care of. I really like C&J whiskey.
Last time I checked with Lauren (only a few weeks ago) C&J were unwilling to change lasts for shoes as it would involve an entirely new design. An "Alt-Wien Newport" in whiskey would be outstanding!
The Loake that I handled a few years ago were in the AE range for quality. This may have changed.
Are these C&J or AS? Either way they look great - congrats!
^ Were they a good deal? If so I wouldn't worry about it. I doubt they would lead to any structural issues, they just look a bit funny when viewed from a particularly close angle.
McCallum yesterday.
What about a grain Gianni?
^^^ You can't write like that and not post pics!!! SHOW US THE MONEY A$$HOLE!!!
Lots of XXL's available on the Unionmade website "Archive" sale. Good prices too.
Amazing shade of cigar there! When and where did you purchase?
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