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Well the 1st whiskey Harlech MTO was a medium/light antique iirc. Not sure if that is the C&J technical term, but it's what we asked for.
There's 20% off site-wide, and free shipping to the US this weekend. Code is SSUS20.
Very nice!
I haven't actually owned the PA. I do have the MacNeil in 13D. These are 13E and if I had known, would have gone for 13EE - not that they're uncomfortable, it would just be nice to have a little more room width-wise.Good luck finding these now. You might find some in your size on eBay I guess? I hope that AE releases something very similar in the future.
Absolutely loving these Amok's...
Interesting looking balmoral short boot available in Horween #6 cordovan (reduced from $1475 to $660) available at Franco's Fine Clothier. Only 1 left in a 9.5... I'd be interested if it were a 13...
Rider Boot Co. for Leffot black grain cordovan pt boot in 8.5 available on eBay. I am not affiliated. Edit: I see it's actually black cordovan and pebble calf.
I put some images a few posts ahead of yours showing examples of Rider grain shell...
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