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^ Nice - they look brand new!
Crikey that jumper looks amazing. Where from sir?
Yeah I bet. I wondering if Purdeys recent price increase is preemptive of a C&J increase?
Yeah I saw that. Was just wondering about the Skye 2 though. They used to be £595 right, and then there was a price increase?
Does anyone know the current retail price of the Skye 2 (either in $ or £).
What's this blue amok? Mto?
Is the 2 for $300 sale active? Has anyone had luck in getting discounts on shoes which are priced at $149 prior to the sale? I mean, I understand the 2 for $300 can be a really good deal for shoes priced over $150, but there are some models I'm interested in which always seem to be priced at $149.
^ He is very much a contributor to this and other sf threads.
Navy gingham. Large. Think it's a poplin fabric. Really nice shirt, just disappointed with the collar size.
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