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How are these holding up? I see the Shoemart has them on sale for ~$200... Worth it?
These are fantastic! Bravo sir.
Loads of raw & once washed slim, low straight & straight fit denim at Woodbury at the moment. Most is marked at $109 & 50% off. They also have lots of the east west jeans, think they are 50% off $175.
^ Awesome Dundee's wez. It took over 12 months to finally get this GMTO going and I just can't imagine why? This is such an awesome and unique makeup (from C&J) and as your photos show it looks spectacular! I've not been able to post more photos of mine today because I've been making a fence, but rest assured they look as badass as yours do. I'm really happy with how these turned out.
I'll try to take some more tomorrow. I'm very happy with how these came out, C&J rocked these something chronic.
I like. Very much.
Natural or antique is good with me. I think I requested antique but they might have said they don't do an antique and that it could either be natural, brown or black. If it is natural it should be easy enough to turn antique with some edge dressing. Really impressive shipping from C&J. They mailed yesterday (UK) and I'm receiving today (NY).
I typically wear a US13D. Alden Barrie 12.5D, C&J UK12, and went for a US12.5D in these. Very comfortable.
I've been wearing my Art Carter Traveling Sportsmen Chukka's like crazy recently. Wore them all around the UK in 90+° weather, and have been wearing them in NYC in similar (but mugger) conditions. Very versatile, incredibly comfortable, and good for hot & cold. Highly recommended.
Is it not possible to combine shipping? Thinking of picking up a couple of pairs of shorts, and I imagine they would all ship at the same time, but cannot seem to combine... Yes I'm a cheap bastard and want to save $6.
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