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Did you get your 10EEE's yet? Wondering how they are working out for you.
Do you have a high instep?
Heard from Carmina that the price increase on their website would happen mid-late September, at least for US customers.
Where did you find these? Are there any more? They look really comfy.
I would love a version of this in a snuff / darkish brown suede. Storm welt on double leather. Any interest?Is there a link (or photo) showing all the sole options available from EB?
^ Looking good. Out of interest what shape is your foot? Flat / high, narrow / wide? Also, I'm looking at suede not cordovan - would that make a difference? Sorry to ask so many questions, I just don't want to have to return them which would be mucho $.
Do you guys have any pics of your full-size-down-from-Barrie Detroits being worn? I'm trying to get an idea of how the lacing will look.
Interesting. Do you find going down a full size from Barrie makes them pretty tight? I'm not so keen on tightness and prefer a looser fit.
Question for the Carmina experts. The suede LWB's on the webstore are listed as EE fitting. Is this a normal fitting for the Detriot last? I'm interested in them and wear a US12.5D in the Barrie - would a UK12 in this partucular shoe work for me?
^ #4 on the Plaza?
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