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I have some button down oxfords and chambrays from last year / earlier. Not selvedge. Decent material, made in China to a good standard. Small collars. Worth the sale prices.
I normally just wash my jeans a few times to get rid of excess dye. I've heard you can put vinegar into the wash as the machine is running, but I've never done this and have no idea how to do it. Apparently the vinegar will set the dye permanently?
Well the 1st whiskey Harlech MTO was a medium/light antique iirc. Not sure if that is the C&J technical term, but it's what we asked for.
There's 20% off site-wide, and free shipping to the US this weekend. Code is SSUS20.
Very nice!
I haven't actually owned the PA. I do have the MacNeil in 13D. These are 13E and if I had known, would have gone for 13EE - not that they're uncomfortable, it would just be nice to have a little more room width-wise.Good luck finding these now. You might find some in your size on eBay I guess? I hope that AE releases something very similar in the future.
Absolutely loving these Amok's...
Interesting looking balmoral short boot available in Horween #6 cordovan (reduced from $1475 to $660) available at Franco's Fine Clothier. Only 1 left in a 9.5... I'd be interested if it were a 13...
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