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^ Wow.
Actually now I'm looking are these the ones made for Superdenim? They look nice.
Where from? STP?
It's an early Christmas for all size 48's in the Marrkt sample sale.
Those whiskey Budapesters are nuts! So good.
@NAMOR thanks. That Vass is badass. How did you purchase, where, when, how much and how does it size?
I've also tried this, but in dark brown shell. Might be interested in dark brown grain (a la Islay).
Amazing. This photo makes me think a plain toe boot would be awesome from C&J / RL.
I hope you guys don't mind me posting here, but I'm trying to get an Alfred Sargent GMTO going via Shoehealer. Unlined suede chukka on natural crepe. Details are below: [[SPOILER]]
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