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@NAMOR I just noticed you're selling your Canyon Boots. What the hell dude?!
Haha yeah I remember this very clearly. Was originally thinking about getting a dark brown with Dainite right? I emailed Lauren who mentioned whiskey shell and the rest is history :-)Would be awesome to see whiskey MK3!
Didn't Namor also have problems with "sausage grease"? Who won the contest and what was the prize in the end?
You could always add a link to the thread to your sig. I did this for the original run and it worked a treat.
^ Will C&J be willing to swap the Harlech 341 last for a different one? I didn't think this was an option?
Nice price! If it doesn't work out for you let me know.
^ I would be very happy to have received those today!
Pretty much what I did, although I actually think I saw it on sale at some point, I just failed to grab it for some reason.
I would have thought so. The Saphir contains pigment which should help cordovan retain its "original" color. VSC will moisturize and slightly darken initially, but will I would have thought the leather would lighten up again after time. I used to put the neutral Saphir on my Marlow wings, but they lightened quite rapidly so have started to apply the dark brown (very occasionally I might add).
^ Mikes the best!Out of interest, what did the last run of Harlechs come to price-wise, and will C&J be raising their prices soon?
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