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payment sent.
Hahaha, what?
Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren I find that this board has a much better understanding of fit and proportions (relative to any style) than the other boards. No kidding...the crossover contest was fun to watch. Not that SW&D did MC very well, but I think it's tougher to figure a casual look for yourself. It isn't so much painting by numbers.
The fact that it is selvedge has nothing to do with the fading. It's all in the fabric and dyes. Washing will more uniformly fade the jeans, but won't stop them from fading. If anything they'll fade faster with more washing, just not high contrast.
Quote: Originally Posted by AldenPyle I get this part, but still. For instance, right took over in USA in 2000 though Bush only got about 48% of the vote. But foxing 48-52 into a victory seems a lot different than winning 40-60. yeah, but the Americans have a two party system. Unless we see electoral reform, (I'm in favor of STV, single transferable vote) we'll probably get the same at some point.
Prison guard!
Judging by the results, I think Ignatieff wanted to ban Hockey.
Ah well...Canadian right is still American left...isn't it?
I find it hard to be happy with a conservative majority, but I think this is a defining moment for Canada's left...it might be enough to push them into cooperation in the future. This is a majority, but not with the popular vote. On the bright side, I just passed my gun licence test, and the long gun registry may be scrapped before I buy one. *shrug* gun toting NDP voter here.
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