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I bought a 1984 Speedy a couple of years ago. I was in the same position as you were (consdiering a birth year vs new), but came across a 1984 model with beautifully patina'd, cream hour markers and hands - once I saw that, I could not leave it in the store.I'd ask yourself how sentimental value you would attach to owning a watch from your birth year. If you're not fussed either way, and unless the vintage watch was an absolute steal, I'd probably buy new.
I was at that party too - I wonder what ever happened to Hans?
Last weekend would have been better - they had a 20% off code which expired last night. I picked up a new set of Bodum coffee cups
If the opening scene of a Bond movie is ruined by the style of the collar on the shirt he is wearing, I feel bad for you son
lol @ lawyer's watch
I have, and was quite disappointed with how they fit, I seem to be in the minority though.YOLO
West Winds, or bust.
Does anyone have any experience with RM Williams' screwed sole? I'm going to pick up a pair of black Macquaries, and I want them to be sleek so I think the normal welted sole may be a bit too dominant
I've got an Il Bisonte folio that I love, but holy shit the shipping charges are the least of my worries when it comes to picking up any more of their stuff. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
I quite like the the hightops in blue, however I'm in the same boat as you - at $495, they're more than I'm prepared to spend on a pair of sneakers
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