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@gdl203 able to assist? Thanks
Looking to pick up some Butteros, but I'm in Australia. Do you guys ship to Aus? Cheers
I've added an IWC Mark XVI to the collection recently via Hacko
Lol @ sprezzyinsydney
Anyone interested in buying the following shoes? I'm located in Melbourne, but happy to ship anywhere in Australia - Loake Buckingham in Tan - UK 7.5, worn approx. 15 times - Loake 758 in brown suede. UK 8, worn once - Loake Cannon in brown calf. UK 8, worn once Happy to let each pair for $225, shipped.
I definitely agree with FoxHound's advice here - I sized down a full size and my tan Buttero lows fit perfectly. The break-in period was pretty brutal (even worse than my Iron Rangers, which I didn't think would be possible), but the shoes really are beautiful.
I've got a few pairs of 3sixteens and while the jeans themselves are fantastic, I have to say that the sizing consistency is absolutely woeful. I know some variance between runs is to be expected but it makes purchasing these jeans online almost impossible. I've had a pair of 32s that are smaller in every way than a pair of 29s! If anyone is going to try and buy these online I'd definitely suggest buying through Blue Owl Workshop. Jay measures each individual pair so you...
I've bought a few Teranishi items and the workmanship on them is absolutely incredible. Well worth the money.I'm also a massive Thrice fan, the band that Teppei played guitar for. A nice little bonus for me!
I'm considering a TOJ0 varsity jacket, in either all black, or grey body with black sleeves. I actually also like the look of the navy/black combo, but not sure how practical that would be? Thinking in terms of what I could match it with. Anyone able to shed some light on how to size? I've had a read through the thread, and am just about to shoot an email off to Charly to get his thoughts. Foxhound, I think you have one? Recommended?
Anyone interested in a brand new Sunspel green melange sweat top, in a size small? It's a beautifully soft cotton, but alas my darling wife purchased the wrong size for me. Happy to let it go for $150 posted to you. End Clothing is selling them for £95 plus shipping. If there's no love here, I'll post it back for a refund.
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