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Does anyone have any experience with RM Williams' screwed sole? I'm going to pick up a pair of black Macquaries, and I want them to be sleek so I think the normal welted sole may be a bit too dominant
I've got an Il Bisonte folio that I love, but holy shit the shipping charges are the least of my worries when it comes to picking up any more of their stuff. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
I quite like the the hightops in blue, however I'm in the same boat as you - at $495, they're more than I'm prepared to spend on a pair of sneakers
It's painful just looking at the stress that that button in the last photo is under!
A lot of unhappy campers over in the TOJ thread...
Looks like I need to get a pair of RMW then! I'm actually keen on the Macquarie (I'm not a fan of the more common chisel toe) but went into an RMW store to hopefully try a pair on, and the SA had never heard of them? After asking her to double check, she looked at a catalogue and came back and told me that they were no longer being made which I have subsequently been told is not true. So, any idea how I can get my size on the Macquarie spot on? I'm after a pair in the...
Just the tip?
It's made of suede to be fair, but if I was going to spend $1k on a suede bomber it sure as hell wouldn't be a polka dotted Adidas one!
Does anyone know what happened to Beggar Man Thief (and its sister store, Victorine)? The BMT store had been shut for a while, but its a Jack London store now. Disappointing that it's gone, however it must be difficult to survive if you are charging over $500 for a pair of Loakes that you can buy online for under $300
How's the sizing of the hoodie? I wear a Medium in the Stadium jacket and a Large in the Trucker jacket. Which size should I go for? The shoulder measurements seem to be running tight (at least according to Selfedge's measurements). Thanks
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