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If you leave me out once more, I'll take it personally! I'm in.
I asked the initial question, so I may have been the one you had in mind? Regardless, I'm in.
Good one, dickhead.
Not sure what your supply is like, but any chance of a Neroli Portofino split?
Anyone interested in a pair of brand new, unhemmed 3sixteen ST100x in size 32? They don't quite fit me.
I'm in
Does anyone have any experience with Andy Tom loafers? I can't quite work out the sizing. I'm a true US10, but their sizing goes from US9 straight up to US10.5, which I'm worried will be too big (especially sans socks)
Yep it sucks, although still cheaper than buying from Mr Porter!
Is there a code for this?
I wear some Diemme boots when the weather gets shitty - not really that different to you wearing your Top Siders anywhere other than on a boat!
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