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This is the runner-up prize. First prize is a lock of pubes
I'm after a trench coat, and don't mind the look of the two that they show in the lookbook, but cannot for the life of me work out what the difference between the Pergaud and the Vandore is!
I bought a 1984 Speedy a couple of years ago. I was in the same position as you were (consdiering a birth year vs new), but came across a 1984 model with beautifully patina'd, cream hour markers and hands - once I saw that, I could not leave it in the store.I'd ask yourself how sentimental value you would attach to owning a watch from your birth year. If you're not fussed either way, and unless the vintage watch was an absolute steal, I'd probably buy new.
I was at that party too - I wonder what ever happened to Hans?
Last weekend would have been better - they had a 20% off code which expired last night. I picked up a new set of Bodum coffee cups
If the opening scene of a Bond movie is ruined by the style of the collar on the shirt he is wearing, I feel bad for you son
lol @ lawyer's watch
I have, and was quite disappointed with how they fit, I seem to be in the minority though.YOLO
West Winds, or bust.
Does anyone have any experience with RM Williams' screwed sole? I'm going to pick up a pair of black Macquaries, and I want them to be sleek so I think the normal welted sole may be a bit too dominant
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