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It's made of suede to be fair, but if I was going to spend $1k on a suede bomber it sure as hell wouldn't be a polka dotted Adidas one!
Does anyone know what happened to Beggar Man Thief (and its sister store, Victorine)? The BMT store had been shut for a while, but its a Jack London store now. Disappointing that it's gone, however it must be difficult to survive if you are charging over $500 for a pair of Loakes that you can buy online for under $300
How's the sizing of the hoodie? I wear a Medium in the Stadium jacket and a Large in the Trucker jacket. Which size should I go for? The shoulder measurements seem to be running tight (at least according to Selfedge's measurements). Thanks
I had a few pairs of jeans hemmed a couple of months ago by the denim bar in the Super Glue Store in Emporium - the guy really knew is stuff, and used an old Singer machine to chainstitch the hem. I had no need for further alterations, however I'd be willing to bet he would be capable
Great pics mate, looks incredible! You've done well to cross that off your list so early in life. Thoughts on the TOJ MA-1? I must say it looks pretty ordinary in that pic, but am sure it looks the goods when being worn
I'm a fan of the Muji travel bottles
Count me in for the Oud Wood too.
I've got a pair of Acne jeans in a similar wash that get a surprising amount of wear during summer!
I have the same issue THE STRUGGLE IS REAL
If you leave me out once more, I'll take it personally! I'm in.
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