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While I don't agree with the statement, I can see how one could make it. Coxsackie did say 'creative' and not 'skilful' - I think U2 and The Edge are utter crap, but he definitely upped the ante with his pedal use. From what I understand he can get some pretty crazy sounds out of his guitar, but it's definitely not due to his skill as a guitarist. I imagine he would be a pretty pedestrian guitarist if all he had was a guitar and an amp in front of him! FWIW, I'd put Tom...
Thanks for the response. I do need to sell the car, so hanging on to it is not an option for me!
Does anyone here have any tips for selling a car? I have it advertised on carsales.com, just wondering if I am missing any other worthwhile avenues? I'm looking for about $36k, so have assumed that I am priced out of the gumtree market. Would you agree? It's free to post and on gumtree, so probably worth doing anyway. Just in case anyone here may be interested, you could search for a VW GTI 35 Edition on carsales, only one in Victoria. Special price for you!
While I can only speak to the quality of shirts, there is no comparison in my view.SUITSHOP 4 EVAOSCAR HUNT NEVA
Given that's only about $60 more than it would cost to buy them from Pediwear, that's not bad at all. If only the price difference to buy local was always that negligible!
Nice. What did they set you back?
I've found that my Stealths have not stretched very much at all, compared with my indigo pairs. The Stealth denim is also heavier, so took longer to break in and get comfortable
Damn, that Patek is absolutely killer. I wouldn't be upset with any of your other choices either!OR, you could buy 1,500 Timex Weekenders as per Oli's suggestion.
Which watch is on your hitlist Nabil?
I've got a pair of 3sixteen ST220x and also some Rogue Territory Stealth SKs which I love. I'd pick the Rogues over the 3sixteens if I had to. Check out Blue Owl Workshop, who sell both and have free shipping
New Posts  All Forums: