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Great pics mate, looks incredible! You've done well to cross that off your list so early in life. Thoughts on the TOJ MA-1? I must say it looks pretty ordinary in that pic, but am sure it looks the goods when being worn
I'm a fan of the Muji travel bottles
Count me in for the Oud Wood too.
I've got a pair of Acne jeans in a similar wash that get a surprising amount of wear during summer!
I have the same issue THE STRUGGLE IS REAL
If you leave me out once more, I'll take it personally! I'm in.
I asked the initial question, so I may have been the one you had in mind? Regardless, I'm in.
Good one, dickhead.
Not sure what your supply is like, but any chance of a Neroli Portofino split?
Anyone interested in a pair of brand new, unhemmed 3sixteen ST100x in size 32? They don't quite fit me.
New Posts  All Forums: