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This has been a huge dilema for me as well. I have a brown Canali suit and the only shirt I am comfortable wearing with it is actually a light yellow with a very subtle brown/pink windowpane design. I have blonde hair and a fair complexion and wear black and brown prescription glasses. I am going to try out a light blue shirt, as to everyone's suggestion.
Nordstrom's had a few discontinued models for 199 at their sale. I did score and picked up their brand new split-toe model (Delray) for 238 dollars at the half-yearly. Nordstroms on-line had them marked down but the store did not, however, they will honor the price. 238 down from 305 is a great deal on a new model AE.
Quote: Originally Posted by briancl I've been a bit disappointed with the interiors of the current line up of BMW's. They used to be so great, but now I think the Audi interiors are nicer and better laid out. I think the new BMW interiors are the best designs they have ever had (currently on my 7th Beamer since the mid 90s). The lay-out and materials are excellent and clean....kinda like very nice Scandanavian (sp?) furniture. I just...
I purchased a pair of black shell saddle shoes from this company 6 months ago. I like them so much I am thinking of buying this set, however, they look a little "chunky" for my tastes. I can't justify more than 600 dollars for a new pair of shoes and all of the AE shell cordovan models I own in calfskin. I would like to get something different and am open to any advice.
I really would like to have a Cayman S one day, that being said my regular M3 has been fantastic. The M3 gives me more versatiltiy as an everyday car by far. If only one, I would recommend the M3 CSL. If it is a second vehicle for you and not your primary, I would go with the Porsche.
Ordered 4 shirts, none with monograms. Thanks for the advice all, I was trying to talk myself into it for some reason. I should have known better, asking others opinions of it should have told me it was a no-no to begin with. I do wish they would give the option for it on the shirt tail or an unvisible location...maybe along with a manufacture date.
What do you all think about initials on shirt cuffs. I am ordering a few Hickey shirts online tonight and they give the option for it. If I indeed do go with this, I was thinking about trying to keep the colors the same like navy blue intials on a lighter blue shirt for example. Is this tacky and should I not go for this options? Thanks in advance.
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