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Seeing how this is Styleforum, thought I would share some handmade and stippled flame Birch grips imported out of Norway. More important, a custom black shell cordovan holster.
Great pic Connie, thanks for sharing.
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie Neither. Maroon as lakewolf says or some other color picking up the shirt or tie. I almost never match my socks to either my suit or shoes. I would never match my socks to the shirt, maybe it is stylish to some but I find it tacky. I would go with navy, especially if it is a shorter vamp loafer.
Do not take message board critisism too seriously. Confidents in your own style and a friendly attitude will go a lot longer than any thing else.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac I wouldn't say the doc martens are an acceptably similar alternative. But, I do think that $100 deadstock Florsheims are. Possibly right. For myself, I would wear those TB shoes with jeans, so the Docs would work for me as an alternative.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC $1395 for the plain brushed suede soft ankle boot This sounds interesting. Did you buy this model or do you have a pic to share?
This has to be one of the worst rip-offs in men's dress shoes if Tricker's manufactures these for TB, the price of 1250 is very high. You can actually get a very similiar aesthetic from a pair of Doc Martins for around 100, and the pull tab on Docs are more stylish imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by gumercindo I've been in the market for a nice two button high collar dress shirt but have been unsuccessful locating an affordable one. Anyone know the best ones for <$100? Best for the money is a 139 dollar Barba double button from ShopTheFinest. The double-button models are harder to find, but he has them at times. The collar shape if very good, and high. Here is one of my examples for comparison of collar...
Imo, Matt's shoe looks better than the stock photo. The pebble grain is smaller and more uniform and the welt is not extended as much. I do like the rounded buckle of the stock photo vs Matts more square buckle.
Fragrafina. It would be purified regular air.
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