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Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I do 2 inches. It's a balls-out look. +1, although I would not do this if I were short or stocky.
Great post Kai, some of your examples are things my wife doesn't understand about me. I will add women do not understand other man stuff, like our competative nature, our egos, our sex drive, or the way we communicate.
Quote: Originally Posted by kolecho +1. Tradition can't justify this one, Sator. We no longer live in the old days.l I agree with you and Matt. However, if these boots were not bals, they would look even more like military combat boots. All combat boots I have seen or worn were blucher type, the bal styling on these really helps give them a more dressy look.
Thanks Yachtie. I actually received a pm, complete with pic examples, from one of the more well-dressed contributors on the forum. The pics really helped, as now my issue isn't how it looks on a particular body, but how well a tailor can make it look on me. I guess spending money and time on a bespoke suit for the first time makes me nervous. I am concerned how well I can explain the desired look to the tailor. I am just going to take some photo examples and see...
Quote: Originally Posted by kitonbrioni If you like the fit and look of the suit and can do $1.7k, then pull the trigger.
Does a suit with drape only look good on the very thin? I ask as I am having my first bespoke suit made in a few weeks, was thinking of something little more casual looking. I do not know what to expect, so I am trying to gather info here. I have all ready done several searches, reading and looking for picture examples. Any other info appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by Southern-Nupe As for the Ford GT, I would choose them overall listed, considering the far more exotic and rare. I saw one of these up close recently. I had never really considered them anything more than a Ford halo car for the auto magazines to try and compare against Italian exotics. I was sure wrong, the car was the best looking machine I have ever seen in-person. I thought it was perfection, very stylish...
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe I want to change my name from diorshoe to something more awesome and more cools. i like "Zig-Zag Man" me likey. I think I can sell more with that name because i will be looked upon as cooler Brian, I think "Decadent" would be a good handle for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel My only issue is that all you are getting for MTM pants is essentially the same thing that is on the rack, except they'll be hemmed and you can pick the fabric. The nwt Zegna pants I bought from you for $125 were a great deal. I wish you hadn't slept in them a few times before mailing them out to me, maybe next time I will go $700 MTM so this won't happen.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trent Aldonado The question that arose was how much should brands pay attention to non-spending enthusiasts. What do you guys think? Brands play a huge role. Buyers tend to find out on the forum what kind of cut and fit certain brands will have, as well as the quality. They prolly are not buying the brand for the label, but by the info available about the brand. Although they are most likely buying based off a...
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