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Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy I see your vass shell wholecuts and raise you a pair of carmina shell wholecuts... I fold, I don't even have a shell wholecut only Alden monks. Carmina shells look great.
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart Vass U last wholecut Bordeaux cordovan double soles: VR, what size are these particular shoes? They look fantastic. Imo, these are one of the best looking pair of shoes in the entire thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt At various points in my life, each of these would have made my list. Ya, I was trying to think of the songs I liked the best of all time. My taste has changed over the years but these seem to take me back to some great times in my life. Quote: Originally Posted by Homme You were a grunge fan in the early 90's? What is weird is I am not a grunge fan or even a PJ fan, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Rolling Stones: Paint it Black Great song! My 5 favs: Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm (great video too) The Who - Bobba Oreilly Led Zeppelin - Black Dog Skynyrd - Sweet home Alabama Pearl Jam - Alive
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan The problem is that many dealership detailers do heavy volume and low quality. Often this even impacts high end dealers. The Ferrari dealership here does very low volume but very high quality. I have used their auto spa before, although I much prefer doing my own detailing now.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey Is this something dealerships do well or should I go to a car wash kind of place? I would contact a few high-end luxury car dealerships and ask who does their used car detail work. In my experience, most of them contract the work out.
I am in my first fantasty football league, a 10 team leage with co-workers...100 dollar get-in and office bragging rights. Anyway, I did the best I could with the printed off cheat-sheet. Someone please tell me how I did (I drafted 1st). QB- D. Brees & D. Huard RB- L. Tomlinson, E. James & Chester Taylor (back-ups W. Dunn and M. Bell) WR- L. Coles, A. Johnson (Houston), V. Jackson (St.L), D. Branch, & J. Horn TE- A. Crumpler K- J. Wilkins Def.- Atlanta...
Quote: Originally Posted by visionology I'm sure it'll be a beast but it's really ugly, will probably priced way too high, and loses the practicality of the other boy racer cars with four doors and awd. I will be trading in my 335 or M3 on a 135, I am currently 2nd on the order list once the dealer gets order allocation. I think the demographic will be older than the turbo awd Japanese cars, especially considering the car will most likely be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart After 6 months from ordering, the gunboats have sailed in GS, great shoes! The navy color makes them even cooler than the average Budapester. Do you plan on wearing these with no-break dress pants, or possibly denim? I don't think they will look good with the TaT slim cut, maybe you can pull it off though.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Yes, I've heard Asians say that the American habit of taking showers in the morning is very odd. My Japanese wife thinks so. I take a relaxing bath at nite, quick shower in the morning.
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