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I have a pair of Puma, BMW F1 team shoes. I shared pics of these several months ago, only worn them a few times though. They work pretty well, but they are ugly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Panzeraxe II I'm undecided - sometimes I love it, other times I think its a bit too busy. Thoughts? Great looking shoe imo. Maybe it is a little busy, but that is what makes it different than most other monks.
Quote: Originally Posted by amlai Coincidentally, my pair of Shannons with no perforations in dark oak on the 888 last just showed up yesterday: Imo, best looking boot I have seen in this thread. Thanks for sharing.
Quote: Originally Posted by siara I'm looking for European dress pants. I really like Charles Tyrwhitt but spending around $200 for a pair of pants is a bit much. Could you suggest other stores or designers that have "Eurocut" dress pants at good prices? Thanks for any help. Try out Nordstrom Rack, the Facconable "Euro cut" pants are a good buy at around 100 dollars and about as slim as I have seen.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Do you do your own car care/detailing? Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing A signal red Mercedes SL. LK, from the pic I saw of your car a while back, I would assume you detail it yourself. The paint looked like a mirror.
I have not seen any engravings that I liked. I do like a chiseled shoe (JL 8000, Vass U), but not as elongated like these examples. The pic of the wingtips Matt posted are about the limit for me.
BMW M3 BMW 335i, sedan The wife drives a BMW X3. I detail the M myself, the others get done at a car wash or the dealer. One day, I hope to own a 993.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn I had Contis as OEM equipment on my old E46 330Ci and wasn't impressed with them at all. The oem tires for the M3 were ContiSport or Michelin Pilots, mine had the ContiSports and the dealer wouldn't change them out when it was new. I thought they were ok, I changed them out when I went to 19" wheels. The Contis were good for road noise, better than any others I have had. I have a feeling this is why...
I think the pants could be a bit slimmer, or maybe more tappered at least.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl They are a typical style for the area, where I live and they reflect the heritage of their history. Named after Slatin Pasha. We have a different taste in shoes. Fair enough. However, Aldens are a typical style here with a history going back to the 1800s as well. This particular style in shell is very classic and diverse, you can wear them with everything from dress pants to jeans. I agree with...
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