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I have found this waxy stuff takes quit a while to get rid of completely with my shoes. I think it was happening a bit even after several wears.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Maybe we are both right then. Did Talbotts bulk up recently? I've got one in the closet from 2 years back and lots of Bizzocchi so let me revisit them. You could be right, I have been told by my saleman a few months back that the Sevens have become better within the last year and a half or so, although he could be just saying this to sell more. Btw, I threw a few pics up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I politely differ. The Bizzocchi ties are more substantial. I did not actually say the Talbotts were flimsy however and I was just giving Matt some friendly grief. I have a drawer full of ties 5 feet away, the Talbott's are about twice as thick as two recent Bizzochi ties I have. Maybe I have some pics to share as an example... Edit: All RT seven fold here (from older waywt photos) Look at the size...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I've seen several Talbotts but admittedly they might not represent the breed best. Talbott seven's, which are unlined, are far from flimsy. They will have more body than the standard Bizzochi ties you recommended. I can understand if Matt doesn't like the Talbott's if he prefers a thinner tie knot actually. Btw Matt, what sevens do you like? AM?
Quote: Originally Posted by ogduncan Is it worth it to buy a 7 fold tie. Can you see the difference do they tie better or is it just to be able to know you have the best money can buy. I can tell and see the difference when I am wearing one, an unlined seven fold is my fav. I have lined sevens and mto six folds (lined as well), but nothing looks and ties as nice as a quality made unlined seven to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Unfortunately we rarely see complete albums that have a theme and message running through them. What are some of your calls for the all time great rock albums? Good choices Matt. Here are my choices for best overall theme. CCR -- Chronicle. U2 -- Joshua Tree The Who -- Who's Next? edit: coachvu and piobaire both have excellent choices.
For me, the blazer is a requirement. I have two blazers I wear all the time, a rtw with dk brown horn and a mtm with silver metal buttons. I plan on getting a third in a heavier weight with patch pockets. I wear them with check or bolder striped shirts, patterned dress pants or jeans, and with antiqued monks or even brown wholecuts. I don't see anything security guard about the look. Btw, Satort you have a great looking blazer there.
A set of Ping S58 irons, these sticks are sweet. They are replacing my old set of G2 irons. The new clubs make the old ones look and feel like shovels in comparison, I should have done this a year ago. I included a secong pic to show the difference between them. Trust your swing and play the PING.
Huntsman, that is one great photo. Can you tell us how you set that pic up, why does it look so good?
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl These are bespoke from a german workshop. Vickermann&Stoya in Baden-Baden Those look like great driving shoes, wouldn't mind seeing the sole shape...looks like thay use nomex material, very nice. I like the golf saddle shoes from the website. thanks for sharing.
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