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Quote: Originally Posted by Sartorian It seems like we're all in basic agreement this is merely a political tactic on the part of Turkey and an attempt to rope the US and Iraq into helping it deal with the PKK outside its own territory. I agree with your points. Sometimes I think Turkey may think we need them more than they need us though, they don't feel they need to rope us in, but rather, we will go along with what they want to do...
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Why is this Turkish invasion illegal? International law says that a country can defend itself. So, if there are attacks on Turkish soil by insurgents from Iraq, and the Kurds can't control the insurgents, then Turkey has every right to go into Iraq to defend itself. I challenge those who think that Turkey doesn't have the rights to defend its territory to provide cases saying otherwise. I don't think it...
Wow, my feet are in this thread! These are great shoes guys, very nice to have around this time of year as they can take a beating. Good price too. Btw, every once in a while I use black AE cream polish (sparingly applied) to make my my monks look like that. The pic above was taken without a flash. Good luck with your sale nerdykarim.
Red, that is one nice looking time piece.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian278 The spoiler is purely for show, I doubt it adds any measurable down force. And even if it did, it wouldn't be for the purpose of putting power down at the speeds it would you would have to operate for it to make a difference, rather, it'd likely be for high-speed stability (like most road cars). If the Civic made enough power in the first place. This was my point, the rear spoiler is for show much like...
Nice. I see another ironic thing in this photo besides teh obvious doors. Notice the Civic, with the large rear spoiler giving the FRONT wheel drive car massive amounts of REAR down force. I am sure this really helps the econo-box put the power down. The Lambo is spoiler-less.
Imo, any Rolls is a car you should have driven for you while you sit in the back. They just do not appeal to me. They are for rich older men who can not appreciate (or drive) a sporty car. For the money, I would much rather have an Italian exotic, or even a Porsche.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T no, you get sued when you miss Well, we are odd ya know.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T Yup. Americans are odd. Only happy when they have something to be outraged about and someone to shoot at over their outrage. Wow, what BS. We are happy to shoot at people, we get outraged when we miss.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Something like this? I am not sure anybody even makes a houndstooth this big anymore, custom or OTR. Really nice Matt. This is exactly what I want, the pattern is perfect and I like the patch pockets too. Is it yours? The hanger looks like the Zegna mtm hanger.
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