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Well ive found Styleforum for Mens Apparel, Basenotes forum for Fragrance, so what is the fanatic forum about SkinCare? I'm looking to stay up to date on the hottest new products (and cheapest) and ask a lot of skin questions =). Does anybody have the hookup?
My waist size in jeans is normally 32... And I'm not copying, I asked if jeans should show socks/skin when I sit down, and some people said probably not... Well since they are more fashion oriented than me, I dont want short jeans anymore =D
I wear 36" But they dont go to the floor when standing, and I realized thats too short.. Do I have to stick with 36"? Do they make longer? Also, what are some stores that say 36" but are actually longer?
Why is Hollister bad...? Im not saying it isnt, I just like the feel of the cloth.. or Is there a difference in quality and/or a reason DenimBar cost 30$ more!?
* 100% cotton selvage denim * Wash: Raw Indigo * 35" actual waistband * 36" inseam * 10" front rise * 14.5" back rise * 36" inseam * 19.5" at the knee * 18" at the leg opening For a size 31 APC at online store... My objective measurments: * 100% Human Skin * Wash: Clean * 32" actual waist (Skintight) * 37" inseam * 10" front rise (Match) * 14.5" back rise (Match) * 37" inseam *...
Quote: Originally Posted by nyf another thread you posted that you wash your jeans after every wear, and then you're wondering why you can't get you shirts to smell like you? Is it because you launder incessantly? I meant this post to focus on my Dress Shirts, as most chicks dont sniff jeans when theyre sitting next to you xD
Quote: Originally Posted by adamm411 Ha ha, this is a great thread. I actually thought you meant producing your own cotton! Adamm I did.
Im sorry, I just like to know what is socially the norm, because I'm a nerd/introvert/socially underdeveloped. LQTM.
Sorry about the hatin', I was in serious mode... Now that I see its a joke, It's actually funny
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