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Quote: Originally Posted by OttoSkadelig a subtle but important point, which is the primary reason i always go cuffless. slanted cuffs would look silly. and i really don't like the "baring sock" look, which tends to come into full force when you are in motion. Too bad I hate cuffs. Sounds like I could get away with not showing my socks since I wear cowboy boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by sellahi22 I agree. Jacket too long, no waist definition. The trousers are a train wreck - almost MC Hammer like. Good, I thought it was just me.
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi the booking form says he's 5'10" and 125 lbs i'm curious, how would one get the grooves in the side of his head like that? It's called scarification. Basically, they take a scalpel and cut lines into you and when it heals it makes those lines. Quote: Originally Posted by George If those horns are the product of cosmetic surgery one has to question the ethics of the...
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