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I have several JL shoes but I have one where the leather has cracked. What would cause this? Is this common or repairable? They are only about two years old and I have taken care of them regularly.
Wow mine have the exact same creasing, it's expected for shoes that are worn to experience some degree of creasing but I would definitely classify this as extreme creasing that even much more inexpensive dress shoes do not experience. I have the shoe, have posted here before, they looked lovely when I received them and after that they've been a shoe I avoid in my rotation.
Currently looking for a damn good belt. I was looking at JL but was wondering if anything offered better value.
I don't want to mention it because I don't hold them at fault at all, they're just a middle-man.
Below are photos of Russian Calf Derby. I am very disappointed. Several posters urged other users here who complained to reach out to the vendor. The vendor only said they brought this matter to Saint Crispin's but they were unwilling to do anything and that I should simply polish them. The photos below are my shoes after 3 wears, I've owned them well over 6 months but they've sat in the back of my closet because they look like a pair I'd give to the Goodwill. I own...
Someone beat me to it on Barneys, if you have I'd love to buy it.
Definitely looks different than what I own. Seems like the only solution for the older russian calf pairs offered is to shine them and follow a special "care-routine".
Agree.I have a couple pairs in FUN and I would agree that it shows much much more wear than the average leather but is no where near as bad as russian calf.As an earlier poster mentioned G&G has shoes in this leather and they don''t have the same issues. Beyond that when shoes look as poorly as these after just 3 wears there is a real quality issue. I will post my pair when I return from traveling next week.
Does anyone know the difference between zonkey boot and saint crispin's in terms of quality? I've read briefly about a separation between the two owners but Zonkey boot offers some shoes that look to be on par with Saint Crispin's.
The only time I've seen folks defend it is if they sell Saint Crispin's or if they are Saint Crispin's. I believe those are two very strong conflicts of interest. I don't believe the issue is with Skoaktiebolaget or any reflection on their staff/store, although they defend the quality they have mentioned an inquiry to Saint Crispin's which tells me that this is a quality problem but Saint Crispin's doesn't wish to take the burden/cost of fixing.
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