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Anyone know how to get in touch with rayclark? I was very interested in his briefcases.
Worn twice!
Anyone know if I can get size 36?
I have a revolutionary proposal, more transparency. Put a list with everyone's initial and order date and show where we are on the queue. They can create one for each "jacket batch", so at least people see where they actually stand. It's a very modest request when you've been waiting nearly over 3x the quoted wait. Which to me is extremely peculiar but I'm waiting for a quality product.
This isn't Edward Green is it? http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11828830&cp=1760781.1898623.1899793&view=99&ab=ln_men_cs_dress&parentPage=family
Does anyone know how to contact rayclark to purchase a briefcase? His e-mail is returned as undeliverable.
Who makes this jacket:
I would appreciate if this thread was more concise, by concise I mean less customs/fake codes/internet-fights talk.
I' never stated that the customer is always right. I've acknowledged I've made a mistake but also contacted them within seconds of purchasing. It wasn't marked "FINALE SALE".The seller is not under any obligation, but if it cost nothing to make the interaction between seller and buyer a positive one, why not do so.
I do not see how wanting to avoid a transaction altogether because of fit concerns makes me someone a crappy buyer.Anyways it's my opinion that a store/customer should have a win-win relationship. It's not as if I'm incurring any large costs to their business.
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