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Who makes this jacket:
I would appreciate if this thread was more concise, by concise I mean less customs/fake codes/internet-fights talk.
I' never stated that the customer is always right. I've acknowledged I've made a mistake but also contacted them within seconds of purchasing. It wasn't marked "FINALE SALE".The seller is not under any obligation, but if it cost nothing to make the interaction between seller and buyer a positive one, why not do so.
I do not see how wanting to avoid a transaction altogether because of fit concerns makes me someone a crappy buyer.Anyways it's my opinion that a store/customer should have a win-win relationship. It's not as if I'm incurring any large costs to their business.
1. My concern is in regards to fit not cost.2. I contacted them 24 hours before the item even shipped.3. The item just left their warehouse and redirecting it would be an easy request.4. It wasn't marked "final sale" etc. so I mistakenly assumed that returns would be acceptable.
So this isn't related to ebay but thought it may be a good place to ask. I purchased something at unionmade without being aware of their return policy for sale items (no returns). I immediately called them (they were closed) and e-mailed them to cancel the order. They shipped it out the next business day during the evening and refuse to redirect the package to them claiming it is final sale. Maybe I am in the wrong but is there any course of action where I could avoid this...
It would be nice to know the date of the last order shipped every time they send out a batch. It would seem to me to be a modest request, but i'm not sure if they want this much transparency. I think it would give us all a nice idea of how far away the queue is.
I really think TOJ should just cut out this business of selling spots. In my humble opinion I think TOJ should just decide to refund or not refund people.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/397614/toj-spot-in-line-44-7-weeks-feelers Are people selling spots for more than they paid? Seems a bit wrong. Selling spots in general seems wrong because people have to wait, why should someone skip to the front simply because someone got tired of waiting and sold their spot? While many others could be waiting behind.
Kind of a lot considering a lot of us during this time were probably quoted 20 weeks. Understandably there have been a few delays as well as other projects, but it still feels like an absurd delay.
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