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I was informed that their inventories are out of stock even in other stores, so I am pretty sure that the inventories in their BBBF website is pretty much inaccurate.
I've just been back from Bleecker Street. Mostly, they are out of size 0 and don't have too much items left...Any suggestion for other brands that work for tiny frame?
Good to know that, I think I should head to the Bleecker Street instead.
I am very short(5 feet 5.5) so basically only TB or BBBF work for my little stature.
On Jan 12th, I placed an order(a BBBF suit) with Standard Shipping on their website, which clearly stated "In stock and ready to ship now," though I received an email informing the order was expected to ship on 26th. Then I called them and had the order changed to Two Business Day shipping. Two business day later, I called them again and they said the items have to be shipped from their stores. If i am not waiting for a new suit with a new color for an interview, i would...
Excellent service! Thank you so much, Richard!
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