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Sorry. Works now.
You had your Ricci shirt laundered? Wrong choice (my opinion, for what that's worth). But even if you did, it should have been correctly processed. For further information, read this post..... http://www.ravefabricare.com/true-quality-cleaning/2010/4/20/your-shirt-laundry-bill-of-rights.aspx
As usual, Jeffery has it spot on. While excessive and indiscriminate steaming is the hallmark of most dry cleaners, alteration/repair shops, Jiffy steamer wielding DIYers and steamy bathroom believers, the visual evidence of the bubbling caused by excessive steaming would be different. And can be wholly or substantially corrected by a skilled presser. Jeffrey has a terrific post on his blog (titled "Why I hate steamers") on the evils of excessive/indiscriminate steaming....
Yes. See links at bottom of each post.
The first step to solving a problem is recognizing that there is a problem. So kudos to you for recognizing that -- just like any other service you might purchase -- quality in the garment care business can range from ordinary to extraordinary. The following posts address the issues you have raised: Understanding dry cleaning solvents: http://www.ravefabricare.com/true-quality-cleaning/2010/5/26/a-brief-guide-to-understanding-drycleaning-solvents-and-fluids.aspx The...
Attempting to dye a garment is a terrible idea. You're wasting both your time and your money. For a brief list of everything that can (and will) go wrong, read this post: http://www.ravefabricare.com/true-quality-cleaning/2010/10/6/thinking-about-dyeing-a-garment.aspx
It takes a significant investment in skilled artisans, equipment and facilities and many years of fine tuning to craft a true quality fabricare process that produces a true quality garment. In fabricare, there is simply no such thing as "great quality at an affordable price". I'd go one step further. Any dry cleaner who claims to deliver "great quality at an affordable price" has probably no clue as to what constitutes a true quality fabricare process. What's more, I'd...
Suggest you call either Wayne Edelman at Meurice Garment Care or Joe Hallak at Hallak Cleaners to discuss. Their Manhattan locations are drop stores so they will probably not be there personally. That way they can be alerted to the arrival of those pieces at their plants and call you back upon examination. Tell them Stu sent you.
The "specialized" relates to (a) the removal and replacement of the hardware and (b) access to a subcontractor that handles small replating jobs with consistently good results.
You've posed a number of questions related to (a) the stiff feel of your fabrics after cleaning, (b) the odor associated with dry cleaning solvents, (c) steaming of garments at home, (d) finding a competent cleaner, and (e) the elimination of smoke odor embedded in your sport coat. To (e) first. Any reasonably competent dry cleaner should have the tools to remove odors associated with smoke. That's as basic as it gets. As to (a), (b), (c) and (d), that requires more...
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