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I spoke with Sarah from Isaia PR/marketing prior to Pitti and she said that they are rolling out hardcore this spring with Eidos...stay tuned shes great and if she s in charge it will get done trust me
wow sarah you are in charge of Eidos? Merry Christmas by the way I miss bumping into you in the lift....
They sell this brand at de Corato on 60 st in nyc and those guys don't play around... ask for Francesco. Great guy.
Thank You both very much!
I am trying to find a manufacturer for large orders of extremely well made MTM in the USA or Canada. Maybe 30 suits a month. Who besides MG in Brooklyn is up to the task? Samuelsohn wants me to carry a line of their ready to wear so they are out of the game. The business is all MTM... Thank You!
first of all, Ian doesnt always get the sleeve lengths right. Second, Finamore is suuuch a better shirt than Barba or Borrelli or Fray. I am 6'2" 180 these shirts are perfect. Nothing compares. Nothing. I have a large collection (7 so far this month) of panties to prove it, not to be vulgar...
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