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I have a Bawden Bespoke shirt. I bought it before I knew what I wanted. I chose an ugly fabric, and when doing my measurements I was very generous, because I was deathly afraid of having too tight of a shirt. Then I selected 'relaxed' fit. What I have now is an ugly tarpaulin made of very nice cotton. But that is my fault. After I ordered, I got an email from Marcus Bawden that said something along the lines of 'Your measurements seem off, when can I call you?', and he...
I have this problem with OTR shirts too. If I buy the largest size I can button the top button, but it still chokes me, and also it fits like a tarpaulin. If I buy the shirt that fits, the two ends of the collar band don't even overlap. I ordered a modern tailor shirt using measurments from a fitting shirt, adjusted the size of the collar and had them make it super long so it stays tucked in. They even do a first shirt for $20 now so you can dial in yor fit.
Mine end at my jawline, to enhance my scottish look. Also, first post. Hello everone
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