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I think the reaction comes not from the question itself but fromA) the person who posted the questionB) implications of what the question is pointing out in the outfits and pictures.
On the SS coat without the hood it would be hard to create that effect on the coat/cardigan without doing something with the lapels. I think honestly a lot of times hoods give a good effect on certain coats/jackets/cardigans like on some rick jackets. I think it's already been said but once i remember reading a lookbook/interview thing about charly that he said something like your clothes should go together with your body shape and proportions. For bene's he's a bulky guy...
wtf 6 wings a biscuit for 3.99..... damn going to popeyes tomorrow...
It's not
Well your first email (picture) blatantly says "Sorry is not good enough" try and think about how people can receive messages as both condescending and rude as you are directly rejecting their apology for the issue at hand. I don't want to scold you like a child, but I just feel more for the customer representative dealing with someone who cannot clearly cannot put their emotions at the door (since you said yourself you had to email 52 times which again I applaud the...
I applaud Oki-ni for responding in a clear calm manner I have worked in retail and I can assure you it is not easy responding to someone calmly and clearly when they're angry and can't seem to comprehend anything you explain (I didn't bother to read all the emails and I don't understand why you posted them...). I empathize with the situation, but as a small suggestion next time something like that happens try not to react in such a way since the person you're talking to...
There should be a specific address and a return form on the receipt order that is included in the package. You have to pay for shipping, and I think there is a 7$ or so nonrefundable fee that is taken out of your return. Just fill the form out and ship out what you don't want. If you live close enough to a uniqlo store I would assume you could go there and return it too.
just curious where you plan on buying them? can't find a store with my size except livestock
Anyone try voidthebrand tees?
I am looking for a perfecto, motorcycle style jacket but not in leather. I would actually like this jacket to be in cotton or a lighter material (anything is fine not suede though I'd just like this to be somewhat thin since I'd like it to be something I could wear year round) I went to the RL store and saw this jacket, but was wondering if there were other options since for 1k it seems a little steep to me considering the materials and the details on the jacket.
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