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There should be a specific address and a return form on the receipt order that is included in the package. You have to pay for shipping, and I think there is a 7$ or so nonrefundable fee that is taken out of your return. Just fill the form out and ship out what you don't want. If you live close enough to a uniqlo store I would assume you could go there and return it too.
just curious where you plan on buying them? can't find a store with my size except livestock
Anyone try voidthebrand tees?
I am looking for a perfecto, motorcycle style jacket but not in leather. I would actually like this jacket to be in cotton or a lighter material (anything is fine not suede though I'd just like this to be somewhat thin since I'd like it to be something I could wear year round) I went to the RL store and saw this jacket, but was wondering if there were other options since for 1k it seems a little steep to me considering the materials and the details on the jacket.
anyone know where I can buy some black wingtips with some white ripple soles? I saw some on myhabit a while ago, but can't remember name, but would like to know if anyone has them instead of asking a cobbler to make them for me.
When I first started to become more conscious about my clothing and wardrobe I thought there is always some sort of goal or place you are constantly trying to reach and once you reach there I thought you would be less likely to purchase clothing and somehow become happy with everything. You would constantly try and upgrade from where you are now to higher pieces (it was the rule of two, one beater and one nicer item like some star wars shit; let the apprentice overtake the...
Manhattan GRE books are pretty damn good. If their course is like their books, I wouldn't hesitate to go there.
it's 36 after the hem off originally it was a 38 inseam
Japan Blue x Momotaro 14.8oz Tight Straight Vintage Raw Selvedge Denim - Model JB0701 Size - 29 Leg opening = 7" Waist = 15.5" with dip (stretched out a little bit but hot soaking it will probably help out) Inseam = 36" Crotch to seam = 10" or 9.75ish" and 3" below is 9" I've had these for a while but worn for maybe two or three months tried to cold soak them once but didn't help THE thighs were too damn tight and now I am regretting it. The zipper did tear at once...
blah if this doesn't sell by thursday sooo tempted to purchase. It has detachable sleeves with hidden zippers, and it's not leather; it's from a black denim I think, which is a nice touch since if it was leather it would be probably unwearable throughout the entire year since it's already hot where I live. Someone tell me why it's bad or please purchase this to put me out of my misery
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