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I have always found their shirts to vary in cut from season to season and style to style. The Cambridge oxfords I've picked up do seem to run a bit larger than others I own.
Are you guys going to do another run of the Weller in either color this year? The thread seems to indicate yes to gray and no to blue, but I just wanted to check. Also, are any OCBDs coming this fall?
Is anybody familiar with a store in the US carrying the blue stripe oxford in a medium? I tried ordering from SW, but they were sold out. The only other place I can find it in stock is Oi Polloi, but the shirt ends up costing like 180 bones with shipping.
Looking for this bad boy in a large.
Is there any planned restock for the Hoyt denim coming up? I'm looking to scoop up a pair of 34s.
Price drop.
Hey, I have $220 in Self Edge credit for sale. Looking to get $200>$180 for it, send me a pm if you need any more info.
I'm looking to sell a brand new pair of 3sixteen+ 10BSP straight leg jeans. I tried them on once, they haven't been washed, soaked, worn, or altered in any way. I'm only looking to sell them here to get cash instead of the store credit I would get from a return. I'm asking $210 shipped in the CONUS, via PayPal personal. If you want info on the jeans, check them out on SE's site: The measurements there are...
And one more.
Hey, I'm interested in that Marlin. Posting here so that I can get my post count up to 2 and PM you.
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