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at 30% off, not really biting. decent selection. some sports shirts $150-200 before discount. a row of sweaters. Quote: Originally Posted by eddievddr10 anyone stop by the cuccenelli/bastain sale prices /selection?
i've had a few shirts made in Hahn (in my pre-SF days) and recall they fit superbly, had sensible collar choices, overall very competent.
I'm heading to HF sale in a couple hours...if anyone has requests, text me at 203 500 1520
When is their summer store sale (not the sample sale) typically held?
Price drop on Grensons...$300 for both pairs or $175 each.
I've become a stronger proponent of paying retail for the (a) selection and (b) in-store tailoring. I saw a friend's classic navy side-vent 2-button suit he picked up at Paul Stuart (Samuelsohn) for $1000 incl. tax and was very impressed with the fit and fabric choice. I think that we at StyleForum sometimes over emphasize the discount % over retail, and miss the bigger picture of a wardrobe need or miscellaneous expenses such as...
Walnut loafers measurements were requested. Approximate measurements are as follows: length from heel to toe (longest pt): 12.15in width (widest pt): 4.15in
is the pinstripe closer to navy or torquoise, or somewhere in between?
too bad i have 30 ties already and enough shoes...what's the color like on those brown bluchers--on the darker side or lighter side?
colbert and stewart
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