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3 or so items i've bought from them were a little more beat up than described
Got my father a charcoal Borrelli suit for his birthday. We're currently in Seoul--where should I direct him to get the new suit altered? Looking for a competent tailor who'll do justice to the suit. Appreciate your help...
2 buttons or 3 button? (ebay title vs. pic)
ditto gdl...come on.
15% code "fourth" expires in July 8.
Suit size 44s will have a lot of luck in virtualclotheshorse...I picked up a couple shirts at great prices (blue Borrelli and Truzzi shirts at $220ish total) and today an RLPL swim trunk.
could u tell us a little more about how the shirts are made? the photos look great...
fyi the PS samuelsohn would've run me about $1,000 retail. tailoring included.
Comparing a Samuelsohn-made Paul Stuart suit to selection in Brooks Brothers. I'm in the market for a solid navy, side vent, 2 button suit, a workhorse. I like the Paul Stuart but feel like Brooks may deliver better value. Any opinions?
Quote: Originally Posted by keykoo I'm in Korea right now and Lotte is having a sale on a bunch of Paul Stuart suits, however with a lot of brand names in Korea i'm afraid that they have licensed out the name to a random korean company to sell locally. There were a bunch of different labels from Stuart's Choice to some that claimed some sort of fabric from random italian first name barbara or something (maybe that will mean something? *shrug*) They...
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