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someone should buy these C&Js...
with most shoes and most competent cobblers, the buckle can be replaced Quote: Originally Posted by letmebefell The suede monkstraps were marked down from $198 - and I can live with the buckle. Also picked up two nice pairs of Lidfort derbys - black plain and tan floating medallion. I agree on the sportcoats. Really nothing to report.
what do u guys the fit will be like if i'm a 10.5C Grenson Masterpieces?
check out lance/virtualclotheshorse's or on the website (
for $400 odd, i got an armani dress shirt, a couple borrelli shirts, an LA jeans, a pair of saucony running shoes, and 3 borrelli ties! thanks lance
are these really still available? confirmation please? someone buy this...
i was considering getting the intensity vs. tweed, since it was about $80 cheaper online. does the fabric stretch much? can you hold a couple pairs of shoes?
j/sent you pm...
1. Fits 2 pairs of shoes; 2. Fits 3-4 suits 3. Optimizes carry-on size restrictions I used it on my recent trip, and eliminated the need for a check-in luggage, which really saves time and hassle.
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