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i'll take the 16.5 bengal stripe and 16 blue stripe if the sleeves are 35 or above.
how does the hickey hand tailored line stack up compared to RLPL and BB Golden Fleece?
nice photos...someone here should buy the RLPL/HF suit
Hey now, for the record, I didn't make the offer... I think the jacket will make really good cloth for shining shoes, won't it?
Don't give em away!
I'll take the H&K shirt, PM me w/ur paypal address
the oxxford is beautiful...have a jacket just like it in wool from T&A, except in wool, and i paid more for it.
SOLD! Going to have a pair of Grenson MP and Santoni fatte a mano each on the follow...
Gorgeous shoes but just don't fit me, I should size down 0.5 (I'm a US10.5C). New in Box, with shoe bags. As shown here: $450 in NYC, $450+$15 shipping in ConUS.
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