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nice purchase! let me know if those don't fit you as well as a $670 pair of shoes should...
any reports?
I'm pretty sure there're deals to be had...check the link in the bottom, for example...and HOL2008 gets you another 30% off, according to an email I got from Quote: Originally Posted by JeffsWood Too high end for me. I thinking a low end - $300 coat or a high end $800-$1000 coat. You have an ultra high end coat on for a great deal.
Buy a high end coat for a cheap price.
Post Christmas has got to be ugly
sold or returned?
(1) Cucinelli (2) Paul Stuart
Phil's on E60th/3rd avenue is apparently closing shop...typicaly menswear selection.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSN125 Barney's main floor has a small selection of shirts and ties (Brioni, Lanvin, Kiton, etc) at 40-50% off. Does anyone remember if: A. Is the first sale always the first week of October? B. Doesnt the markdown usually start at 30% or so? Doesn't VIX stay below 50?
i'm sure the cleverlys are going to be very nice, but i've got to wonder how many of us are assuming/imagining rather than speaking from experience. after all, it's a blurry cell phone photo. congrats on the purchase
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