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i picked up a 42R of this model at the PS sale. love the cut, fabric, and the structure.
did i miss an optical drive in the descriptor?
I have family in town just for the day (Sunday) and they're looking for a bag...we're gonna go shopping in New York, so would appreciate any sales tips, but would look at offerings here as well.
only UK10/US10.5 left are: black captoe, light brown captoe, brown loafers
repeated post, deleted.
Does Brooks Bro let you match across sizes in suit jacket and pants? I'm in the market for my father
where do you ship from?
saks fifth today...items of note were oxxford and hickey freeman suits on additional 50% off. saw a sweet navy double vented oxxford suit for $1100 after additional 50% off. In shoes, EGs are 25% off.
sam--emailed you on 3 items earlier this week. cheers
$60 bid
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