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Quote: Originally Posted by someotherstyle What kind of jacket is that?
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier I think brown or green would look even better; please forgive my second rate foof-ing: Brown, definitely.
My Brooks Brothers OCBD did this. Normal for the material to bleed like that?
I own a pair of dark brown To Boot NY Steven cap-toe oxfords. I think that they're discontinued, but if you can find a pair, they're a very basic, comfortable, and sleek cap-toe with a rubber sole. Pic:
Best linen pants < $100?
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Brooks Brothers: I bought 10 of them on sale and I am pretty set for everything. Cheers!
Who sells plain colored pocket squares with contrast piping? Basically, like the link below but silk instead of linen:
So I've looked through the archives several times and conducted a few Google searches, but I cannot find a definitive answer to this question: can a tailor slim down the arms of a dress shirt? If so, is this an easy procedure, or something very complicated to do? Thanks!
Gray undershirts should help.
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