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Only time I've seen it and liked it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.K Thanks, even though I sometimes forget it, I am very lucky to have both these beautiful and loving women in my life. They help keep my grounded. The sweater is form last season and was purchased at J.Crew. I like it because it can be used as a jacket. The only thing I want to do is add horn buttons to it. Nice navy sport coat, too. Who's the maker?
Some good examples of "young-looking" window-pane jackets. Doesn't look like there's anything inherently old-mannish about it. I think most would agree that fit is key.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Is the word "Oriental" offensive? I work with a Chinese guy who refers to himself as Oriental, however when I referred to him as Oriental everybody told me I was racist. Side note: I work with a rug.
Quote: Originally Posted by bluemagic Now Discuss LL Bean like you did Lands' End Now sit! Roll over! Goooood iGent.
Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren I think the color I'm looking for is referred to as "Cognac," and while I seem to have found a couple examples online, I can't find one in size 30. Anyone know where I can find one? tl;dr: need a cognac belt size 30 If you find a belt that you like but it is only offered in sizes that are too large for you, you can usually get the belt shortened at a cobbler/shoe repairman. Shouldn't cost you more...
too long.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain Did you already leave positive feedback? I bought it from him through SF, not eBay. I'm just saying that his eBay account has been active in the time that he's been ignoring my emails, so it's not like he's dead or without an internet connection. Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 If you 've still have the email from him asking you to label it as a gift you'd probably get a...
Looks like the guy has left feedback for others on eBay as late as October 27, so he's definitely been online during the time that I have emailed, PMed, and eBay messaged him.
Go MTM. A place like ModernTailor won't cost you any more than a BB shirt most of the time.
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