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Navy sold, dark brown remains.
For those who asked via PM, here are the measurements: P2P: 19.5" Bottom of collar to hem: 31" Shoulder to end of sleeve: 24"
For sale are two brand-new with tags Uniqlo Premium Linen shirts in Size S. One shirt is navy and the other is dark brown. I'm asking $30 for each, which includes shipping CONUS. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos As an infant I wore diapers, which led to many accusations that I dressed "like an old man."
Quote: Originally Posted by GBear Wearing one right now. And?
Does anyone have experience with the long-sleeve linen shirts being sold by Uniqlo right now? I am thinking of ordering a few, but I don't live in NY so I wanted to get some feedback before pulling the trigger. I'm referring to these:
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 DTO was a guy who joined SF and copied everything that PG did clothing wise. Went to his tailor and got all the same clothes made. So now when someone wants to copy something they say "I'm going to DTO that". That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. I could always guess the meaning of "DTO" from the context and usage, but I was curious what the origin of the term/acronym was.
Download to own? I don't get it...
Visiting NYC for three days. Is a scarf like this good enough, or should I invest in something better? The usage is effectively zero on a day-to-day basis after this trip (warm climate).
Any experience with these bags or this seller?
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