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you could write OJ simpson in jail and ask him
Dam!!! thats is real ganster:slayer:
dekalb near the mall or east cobb are the only areas i can think of at that price point outside of fulton NTP, i live in the alpharetta /roswell crabapple area off milton
WOW!!! I slack off a bit and come back and there are a lot of newbie to the website from the atlanta area, hey guys? lets get together some saturdays for coffe and go an a thrift store run of the city , ther are so many here, I live in the alpharetta . crab apple area.
humm.. liquid platinum "G" ill raise you 1 i have it in convertible
YES! you will love it, i shop there quite often
you guys have found some great stuff lately. im jealous
You were absolutely "right"!! Thanks I found them. I just love the look of them, gotta get a couple of pair
I thought of that too, here are what the sneakers look like
Does anyone know the name of the brown and whaite sneakers that are on the Gilt Man advertising? they are a a beautiful dark brown and white . I must have these
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