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Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl any one have experience with these, theyre the canvas ones. Attachment 46544 good for boot tuck? good for at least fall? What's the make? I might be interested in this sort of thing, i.e. non-leather boot.
Quote: Originally Posted by I Come with the Rain "The curved bar represents the branch of calabash tree, the tree that the demons of Xibalba favor for hanging the heads of their sacrifices. Upon hanging the first head, the famed head-like shaped fruit of the calabash began to grow. This bracelet represents the tree before it took on it's sinister role, and comes with one of three semi-precious stones: Garnet, a deep crimson stone, Onyx, black as...
PM sent. Too late?
I don't know if it's "natural" (whatever that means), but Hugo Boss cologne smells really really good. Macy's carries it.
I'm interested. Let me get back to you in a few days.
New member here. Should I this Barba shirt off Ebay? Theory 14.5 fits well at the shoulders but slightly too wide at the waist and Band of Outsiders size small is decent at the waist but slightly narrow at the shoulders.
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