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Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman How is this even a question? A restaurant should be able to serve whoever they want for whatever reason they want. If they only want to serve 19 year old Neo-Nazi skinheads, that is their right. End of story. What if a restaurant in the deep south decided to not allow Black people? In some neighborhoods, this practice would not make the restaurant lose much business.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maxwell1995 I have some Aramis Eau De Toilette Natural Spray. I personally think it's pretty nice. SF approved though, I'm not sure. If you have the chance, sample some Hugo Boss cologne. It smells a little sweet, but it's far from girly. One or two sprays on the neck works well.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira No, I worked and pay for everything myself, nice try though. My bad. Even working full time during the summers there was no way I could afford BoO at 14. Props to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Riio Sounded to me like the "I wore BoO" poster was the disrespectful one.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Pics or you're a troll. Save your money, at 16 I was wearing KMWs and BoO (0) So you were a spoiled rich kid?
Quote: Originally Posted by Maxwell1995 I have been told I'm too nice. I still don't get that. I'm not overly nice to where it's creepy, I just think people, especially women, should be treated with the utmost respect. Well maybe not "especially women", but yes, people should be treated with respect. I'm sure you're doing just fine. Don't listen to that "nice guys never get laid" trollop. Read and listen to
Quote: Originally Posted by Maxwell1995 I play football and I'm currently into bodybuilding. I'm actually pretty deep into poetry and western civilization (especially the renaissance and the crusades) if that counts. Thanks for the advice! Well then, it sounds like you're pretty awesome! Keep it up. By the way, make sure you talk to your doctor before you do bodybuilding. That stuff stunts your growth. Men often don't stop growing till...
Quote: Originally Posted by Professor Chaos In the real world, I think these guys would have much better luck if they put effort into becoming more interesting people, rather than trying to trick women into thinking they're interesting. +1 Said like a true prodigy.
Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyJew You sound pretty mature for only being 15, so kudos to you! At 15 you can't expect to afford any of the popular trends here. But out of anything you could wear at your age, I think CK can be very good, considering how affordable the outlet is. My advice, however, is not to overdress too much. You can wear CK and look relaxed and cool, or you can look like you're going to class dressed up for an interview, which...
Quote: Originally Posted by Incman I know what it was in reference to. Don't you see the hypocrisy in that? What makes the field mouse that is killed any less valuable than the animals you are trying to save/not use? One would think, based on the amount of effort vegans put in to not use any animals/animal products, that the lives of many field mice would be deserving of more than a slight shrug of the shoulders as you run them over with your...
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