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Those shoes are a beautiful color. Who makes them?
makewayhomer was a pleasure to buy from. The shoes were as described, and the service exceptionally speedy.
Quote: Originally Posted by mimile The best thing you can buy in Turkey is leather coats and jackets. Thanks, I'll keep this in mind though the only leather goods I'm interested in now is belts.
Dear Gentlemen, I'm going on vacation to Istanbul and Bursa, Turkey next week. Any tips on where to buy high-end clothes? I'm looking for outerwear (a rain coat, a pea coat), uber slim-cut dress shirts, blazers and casual pants. My Turkish friend will be with me, so getting to the venue(s) and knowing the language won't be a problem. Edit: Thanks for your replies so far. To clarify, I'll give an example. Burberry is manufactured in Turkey, so (where) can I get...
Is the TB fit similar to BoO? If I'm a size 1/small in BoO, what size would I be in TB?
Quote: Originally Posted by IST66 Some photos of last week.... All of the outfits are good, but the one with the green jacket is absolutely amazing. I also really like the dark brown shoes. Well done. Edit : I mean the dark brown shoes in the left-most picture.
Blackout-themed housewarming party. Danced my ass off, good times.
Edit : nevermind, didn't read the ad carefully.
$10 Armani Exchange fake leather pants my roomate bought for me. They are a hit at parties.
I'd say ~7. Ever since my girlfriend broke up with me, I've been getting a lot more sleep.
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