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im pretty sure she had a bunch of consumer debt, rent, food, etc. all on credit
That's after consolidation too. :\ If she got hired for 100k a year job, how long would it take to pay off you think?
Actually I clarified it a bit with her, and its actually 300k in interest, with 200k principal, for a grand total of 500k debt. She just passed the bar, but no real job offer still. Edit: And the 20 year forgiveness thing doesn't apply to her.
why the big dip today in ACTC?
My friend just graduated UCLA law, top 3rd of the class. 300k in debt, no job for months except a minor paid internship (15 an hour) that specifically said "we will not hire you after your internship". Top it all off, she's a shopaholic. It's gotten to the point that people are saying "She can always marry someone rich". Didn't need to go to law school/debt to do that :\
Anyone have a platinum? Is it worth the upgrade from a gold?
I've done similar with SIRI. If only I had a million dollars to play with, haha.
What happens to our stock if an RS occurs?
Something going on with ACTC? It's being listed as pink sheets on google quotes
I fucking hate when that happens...I expected a drop so I put a limit order in for a certain price because I didn't want to wake up early, and when I woke up, it had dropped much lower than I expected, with my order fulfilled near the top. There's a lesson somewhere in there about not being lazy or something, but I can't see it.
New Posts  All Forums: