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Quote: Originally Posted by Saltricks what is it? it looks nice. It's a belstaff cougar
Do you think this is worth 430 shipped??? I'm really tempted
damn, im getting santouka (tonkatsu ramen) on sunday and i can't wait. Thanks a lot guys
So that's what they do with the extra buttons and pockets
I'm actually leaning towards the burgundy now that I looked at some of the other available shoes. Is merlot pretty much the same as burgundy? They look almost identical, but some styles are only in either merlot or burgundy ( I want to avoid the cordovan because of a much higher price tag). I'm partial to these What do you think? I think I prefer open lacing as opposed to the derby style shoe. I'm not stuck on allen-edmonds either. If there is a nice looking...
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy for me, Santouka at Mitsuwa in Torrance. best ramen i've ever tasted. Foodguy has good taste. Santouka is my favorite ramen ever.
If you can get some hong kong style chinese food there, it won't be a waste of time. Vancouver has the best hong kong food i've had outside of hong kong.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx Dinuguan is also probably up there. Its actually pretty good. I've had this and balut, which is pretty standard Filipino fare. On the weird side: fried/roasted scorpion, kangaroo steaks, alligator, fresh uni (they open the urchin right in front of you and scoop the gonads on some rice), and live fish (probably the grossest thing I've ever had).
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy read the whole thread. agree with every post. disagree with every post. it's all about preparation and care. i hardly ever eat lobster (except when i prepare it myself ... spiny right out of the water, split and grilled with herb butter!). but one of the most memorable dining experiences i've ever had was a meal at TFL where Keller served 5 of us 5 different lobster dishes, each of them delicious and each of them...
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