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These shoes might look better. Only 40 Bucks on sale!
just ask the stylist to thin your hair with a thinning razor (looks like a sharp metal comb)
try a Caesar's cut. It really depends on your face though.
That scan is just normal body language. Some believe it was a way for (a more primitive) us to determine the sex of another person. They've done studies and even nuns who have been sequestered for years will do this "scan". Both men and women do the scan, but women are more adept at hiding it due to better peripheral vision. I don't know if it has anything to do with shoes is the point I'm getting at.
1. Ask SF how much a PP vintage watch is worth so he can pawn it. 2. Say that you'd rather have a diamond pinky ring rather than a PP with a backstory. 3. Have all the SFers berate and insult the OP and have veterans argue about boring watch stuff. 4. ??? 5. Profit Grats on the watch! Just know that your grandpa's spirit will be in that watch, aiding you when you least expect it. When you punch that guy out who was trying to mug you...that is old gramps strength...
Quote: Originally Posted by Saltricks what is it? it looks nice. It's a belstaff cougar
Do you think this is worth 430 shipped??? I'm really tempted
damn, im getting santouka (tonkatsu ramen) on sunday and i can't wait. Thanks a lot guys
So that's what they do with the extra buttons and pockets
I'm actually leaning towards the burgundy now that I looked at some of the other available shoes. Is merlot pretty much the same as burgundy? They look almost identical, but some styles are only in either merlot or burgundy ( I want to avoid the cordovan because of a much higher price tag). I'm partial to these What do you think? I think I prefer open lacing as opposed to the derby style shoe. I'm not stuck on allen-edmonds either. If there is a nice looking...
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